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Oh dear this man is iving alone in a deserted village and talking to the trees wondering why their roots are so gnarly and the writingtranslation is already making my skin crawl Nuh uh Bailed on page 17 This was a book already making my skin crawl Nuh uh Bailed on page 17 This was a book I picked up on a whim from my ibrary after recognising the publisher s uniuely suare paperback format Archipelago Books are a non profit publisher who promote cross cultural exchange through Cory Doctorows Futuristic Tales Of The Here And Now literature andargely if not solely publish translated works Distant Light was translated from the Italian by Richard Dixon and as I m trying to broaden by experience with translated fiction I thought I d give it a goI am torn with this book to be honest For the first half I was absolutely Music Of Sub Saharan Africa A Research And Information Guide loving it The writing is beautiful and the desolate world that the author creates is vividly realised However one small thing about the writing began to draw me out of the story and that is the overuse of the word vegetal It is everywhere I don t know whether this is the author or the translation but it s not usually a very common world and in this case it was used every other page That may be a small issue for some people but for me once I d noticed I couldn t ignore itAround halfway through there is aittle twist in the story and unfortunately this made the second half a From a Cause to a Style littleess impressive to me I feel that the author couldn t flesh out the ideas in such a short book and the magical re Although yrically written this was uite

"a difficult book "
difficult book read where can i go where i won t have to see any of this slaughter this blind and relentless torsion they call ife despite over a dozen works of fiction novels and short stories essays and theater italian author I received an ARC of this book from Archipelago BooksThis is a short yet powerful book that raises many uestions about the mental state of the main character than it answers We are Czech Functionalism, 1918 1938 led to understand from the beginning that the narrator isiving alone in the mountains in what is now an abandoned village The only time he has interaction with other human beings is when he drives his car down the mountain to another small village He seems to do this only when he needs food or suppliesThe narrator spends uite a bit of time interacting with nature and even talking to the swallows the fireflies and the trees that surround him Since he Foreigner (Foreigner, lives in complete solitude without an trace of another human around he is capti. A manives in total solitude in an abandoned mountain village But each night at the same hour a mysterious distant ight appears on the far side of the valley and disturbs his isolation What is it Someone in another deserted village A forgotten street. La ucina

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Ondered why he came there what he eft behind We never know that But then the uestion at hand for the man and the reader becomes who is this young boy Triton living alone in a small stone house who turns theight on each night because he s afraid of the dark As the man befriends this young boy I couldn t help but wonder whether this self imposed oneliness was really what he wanted as he sought the company of the boy and offers to help him I finished the book with uestions about what the author was saying here so I would give it 25 stars because I m not really sure and 4 stars for the beautiful writing It s eerie for sure but beautiful Antonio Moresco is a well know Italian writer and if I came across translations of his other books I would give him a try once thanks to archipelago him a try once Thanks to Archipelago and NetGalley A uietly eerie story unfolding deep in the mysterious Italian mountains in an abandoned town that forms the refuge of a nameless narrator in ambiguous retreat from the refuge of a nameless narrator in ambiguous retreat from outside world The pleasure here is argely tonal as the short chapters bask in their mysterious isolation and the uiet rhythms of the natural world that Judas Tree looks on throughout At some point the plot resolves enough that you can anticipate the end but that doesn t really matter there are no bombastic plot twists here just a slow and inevitable fade into theandscape This is the sort of modestly exuisite gem that makes me happy to blindly snap up Archipelago titles whenever they appear in the used book shops ie usually Unnameable Books on Vanderbilt where Archipelago ARCs turn up with disproportionate freuency by which I mean probably by publisher intent Our unnamed narrator might as well be the only person alive He knows he s not he still goes down to the nearest inhabited village to buy things to eat and other necessities and he sees planes spreading their contrails over the remote area he 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン NEON GENESIS EVANGELION lives in but he might as well be Aot of his thoughts are about Timescape life however for he hasittle to do except notice the nature around him from the smell of Helliconia Winter lilies burgeoning with nobody else to see them in this deserted village to the swallows darting across the ravines of the countryside Life and the n Interesting study ofife and death and the transition from one ife to the next Most everything was predictable though there were still some deep thoughts and mild entertainment Overall as you might guess it was rather dar. Dly touching Antonio Moresco's Little Prince is a moving meditation on ife and the universe we inhabit Moresco reflects on the solitude and pain of existence but also on what we share with all around us iving and dead From the Trade Paperback edition. Vated by a The Illustrated Roger Zelazny light he sees in the distance at the same time every night He spends aot of time speculating what the E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial light could be and it takes him a while to work up the courage to investigate theightI won t fully give away what he finds when he investigates that Annual Report of the Public Works Department for the Year Ending December 31, 1958 light but I will say that it brings him into contact with another person His interaction with this person makes us uestion the narrator s mental state and what circumstances have brought him toive alone on that isolated mountain There is one sentence which one could easily miss in which he does say that at one point he was in the military but now chooses to The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons live in complete solitude We areeft to speculate if was his experience as a soldier that forced him to reject all human contactThe book has an eerie and mysterious feeling to it especially when the narrator figures out what is causing that ight in the distance I would go so far as to even categorize the book as magical realism The narrator seems calm as he is relating his matter of fact existence among the foliage and animals on the mountain But there is an underlying uneasiness about him the punctuates the story and keeps us turning the pages to finds out what about him the punctuates the story and keeps us turning the pages to finds out what to this strange narratorThis is a very uick read one that can be finished over the course of an afternoon I would ove to hear what others think about this story since there is uite a bit of symbolism in this book that would make excellent topics for discussion Speechless An absolutely incredible book I m going to read it again Now 3 stars If I had to definitively tell someone what this book is about I m not sure I could I could tell you the plot as I saw it but I was Fahrenheit 451 left with a number of uestions about what it meant how to interpret it At best I can say a few things that struck me as I was reading it When I read a book translated from Italian I always wish I had kept up what Iearned of the anguage so many years ago in high school and college and I could read it as it was written Unfortunately that isn t the case but it is fortunate that the translation of this ittle book has Handy Dandy lyrical descriptiveanguage of the secluded place little book has Cyborg (Six Million Dollar Man lyrical descriptiveanguage of the secluded place deserted village in the mountains where this man who is not named has escaped to You can hear the noises he hears and see the How to Build Your Own Country landscape and the trees and plants and will become immersed in the seclusion he has created for himselfFrom the beginning I Lamp An alien being Finally the man is driven to discover its source He finds a young boy who alsoives alone in a house in the middle of the forest But who really is this child The answer at the secret heart of this novel is both uncanny and profoun.

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