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Which any author would admire In this installment Spenser is hired off a recommendation from his ong time ove Susan Silverman Her patient Connie Kelly has been swindled and taken advantage of a recommendation from his ong time The Longest Raid of the Civil War love Susan Silverman Her patient Connie Kelly has been swindled and taken advantage of it s Spenser to the rescue only it s not that simple Con man M Brooks Welles hasied about his background his military service his employment at the CIA and A Night in the Snow; or A Struggle for Life left a chain ofawsuits heartbreak and broke people behind him Welles proves remarkably hard to find and his past gets murkier as Spenser digs The case The Diary of Annas Submission leads from a gun range in Lynn to the world of mercenaries to rural Georgia Not only does Hawk step in to watch Spenser s back but ace shooter and very openly gay Tedy Sapp returns as well There are even complications when the ATF gets involved The bodies pile up and itooks The Huffin Puff Express like even Spenser s determination and never give up attitude might not be enough to close this tangled mess I always get uneasy when they mention how much time has gone by in Spenser s career It always makes me worry about the future of the series Healy Spenser song time contact with the State Police is retired Spenser is using glasses occasionally and there are other hints about age That to one side another great outing of Spenser and his family because that s what Susan and Hawk are to him I was a Silk And Steel little unclear about a reference to a cabin in Maine which I don t recall coming up before Minor nitpicks to one side a great actionadventuredetective story Iove this series and as with most good ones recommend you start from the beginning In this case The Godwulf Manuscript I received a copy of this to review from the publisher through NetGalleyLITTLE WHITE LIES by Ace Atkins follows Spenser as he takes on a case from a patient of his girlfriend and psychiatrist Susan Silverman named Connie Kelly who comes into his office after having been taken for almost three hundred thousand dollars by her older boyfriend named M Brooks Welles who has disappeared Spenser is hired to The Food Stamp Gourmet locate him and see that the money is returned if at all possible and almost immediately suspects Welles to be a con man who is making claims to education military service and CIA involvement that none of which can be verified Connie unfortunately seems to trust Welles in spite of the overwhelming evidence that he is not who or what he claims to be and makes things difficult for Spenser in trying to work on her behalfAce Atkins has done a phenomenal job of taking over the Robert B Parker Spenser series and has restored many of the ualities that faded in many of RBP sater books in the series while successfully making it possible for Spenser to age but not seem dated and to build upon characters already present One particular aspect that he has improved on is with the character Susan Silverman allowing the novels to not become saturated with psychoanalysis and drama LITTLE WHITE LIES is a ittle heavier on the psychological focus being that the client Connie is Susan s patient Hawk and Spenser also fill in some blanks on their past together and individually that fits perfectly very well done by an author working with characters developed by another author over a engthy period of timeSolid action takes place in the second half of the book which includes not only Hawk but friend Tedy Sapp who "Has Really Developed Into A Character That Fits Very Well "really developed into a character that fits very well the series bringing a different aspect as an individual and can be trusted and relied upon in all situations I have to say the first part of the book seemed a ittle slow in going but moved along nicely at around the midway pointHonestly it s difficult for me to objectively rate and review an Ace Atkins novel as he s one of my favorite authors both of the Spenser series as well as the uinn Colson books Rating the first part would be a 3 and between 4 5 for the rest of The Book So I book so I try to average it out a bit4 stars Unlike a ot of reviewers I thought Atkins did his best job yet of evoking the original spirit of Spenser A woman is victimized by a flim flam man and Spenser tries to get her money back Of course there is much than that involved but Spenser gets to the bottom of it Recommended After 45 books I still Mondomanila love this series andook forward to my springtime visit with Spenser and crew When Parker passed away I was resigned to that being the end of Spenser I m glad his family decided to keep the series going and Atkins was an excellent choice He s a very good writer and he gets the nuances of this series down pat In this one Spenser is hired by one of Susan s patients to track down the con man who cheated her out of a LOT of money Lots of backstabbing by various people in this one and Spenser Hawk eventually end up in Georgia They tangle with a church that s a church in name only con man preachers gun runners militias and all manner of So Long at the Fair lowife bad guy Tedy Sapp returns in this one and that s just one reason to be happy in my book Recommen. Ramilitary contractors The Transformers looking for revengeEnter Spenser who uickly discovers that everything about Welles is phony His name his resume and his clientist are nothing but an elaborate fraud But uncovering the truth won't be easy as he'll have to keep the mystery man alive The Unquiet Dead (Rachel Getty Esa Khattak, long enough to get back his client's money As the trail winds from Boston to backroads Georgia Spenser will need help from trusted allies Hawk and Teddy Sapp to make sure Welles's next con is hisa. .
Laces to end the book and if not for the progress bar at the bottom of my screen I might have believed that thee ending was earlier and eually strongNow because Atkins and the Parker estate aren t stupid there are certain characters that you just know are safe no matter what shenanigans that they ve et Atkins and Coleman get away with when it comes to killing off Only One Year long term supporting characters But there was a definite feeling of peril when it comes to name redacted and name redacted Sure I knew they dive to be read about another day but I wondered how healthy they d be in the meantimeThis is sharply written as usual Atkins knows what he s doing in this series or anything else a great mix of character moments and plot Spenser s voice is strong as are the voices of the other regulars It was just a pleasure to read through and through Let me Sleepless (Bird of Stone, leave you with one snippet that is could ve come from an early 80 s Spenser just as easily today s a voiceike this is enough reason to read the book the rest is just gravy and there s plenty of gravy I returned with sore Celtic Mysteries in New England legs back to my seat on the steps I spent the next fifteen minutes watching women of all ages sizes and colors walk past me Iiked the way most women walked I Unabomber liked the way they dressed And talked and smelled I was pretty damn sure I was a fan of women in general Did this make me a sexist or a feminist Or somewhere in between Disclaimer I received this eARC from Putnam Books via NetGalley in exchange for this post thanks to both for this NB As this was an ARC any uotations above may be changed in the published work I will endeavor to verify them as soon as possible I suppose I should envy those who can read this slop and think it was well done It wasn t In actual fact Spenser joins Parker with this and is now dead as well Atkins was o I received a free advance copy of this from NetGalley for reviewI usually spend some time in my reviews of the new Spenser books from Ace Atkins talking about how well he s done with the tricky job of taking over the series from theate Robert B Parker I m not going to do that any because at this point this is entirely Atkins series and Spenser is as good as he s ever beenConnie Kelley was swindled out of several hundred thousand dollars by her boyfriend M Brooks Welles who has since vanished and Connie would Flipping Cars - How To Make Money Buying And Selling Cars for Profit like Spenser to track him down and get her money back Welles claimed to be a military veteran and spy whose experience made him a regular fixture on the cable news as an expert in those matters What Spenser uickly finds is that Welles is a con man who haseft a trail of broken promises and unpaid bills in his wake including a and scam that involved a shady gun dealer One of the best parts of this one is the character of Welles because he makes for an infuriating bad guy for Spenser to chase He s a compulsive iar who absolutely will never admit that he s guy for Spenser to chase He s a compulsive iar who absolutely will never admit that he s even when he s confronted with direct evidence of it What s really amazing is how many people he s burned who continue to fall for it and keep putting Their Faith In Him faith in him mean what kind of rubes continue to believe a guy who has been conclusively proven over and over again to be completely full of shit As usual we get a ot of twists and turns that find Spenser eventually making a trip down South where even shenanigans are going on Along the way he Turning Point ll have to deal with cranky cops angry ATF agents a wavering client professional mercenaries and scams than you can shake a stick at We also get the reappearance of a supporting character we haven t seen in a while as well as plenty of great stuff with Hawk too Atkins also continues to rehab Susan so that I actually now enjoy her interactions with Spenser rather than just cringing at the sight of her name on the pageOf course the heart of it all is Spenser who is his usual hard punching straight shooting smart mouthed gourmet cooking self but he still continues to show signs of growth in these newer books including a refreshingly pragmatic streak of how far he s willing to take a case Overall it s pretty much a book that most fans of Spenser or modern PI novels in general would enjoy reading Another underwhelming story that features Mr Parker s characters in name only Unimaginative unlikeable and no stories by Mr Atkins for me 0 of 10 stars Well hello SpenserIt s been a whileHow you doin He s doing well Probably missed me as much as I missed him Once again Spenser takes a case is fired but finds himself too deep into it and too honourable to just walk away andet the bad guys win He s awesome that way I read a Inside Gods Arms Season 1 (Yaoi Manga) lot which means I also talk books aot I aim for 100 per year and I ve made it every year since the Turning point late 90 s Of all those books the Spenser series remains my favorite so very narrowly edging out The Dresden Files Ace Atkins took over when creator Robert B Parker died Gotta give Parker credit he died at his writing desk. Im a check for almost three hundred thousand dollars hoping for a big return on her investmentBut within weeks both Welles and her money are gone Her therapist Dr Susan Silverman hands her Spenser's cardA self proclaimed military hotshot Welles had been a freuent guest on national news shows speaking with authority about politics and world events But when he disappears heeaves not only a jilted الكتاب الممنوع lover but a growingist of angry investors duped cops and a team of pa.

summary Little White Lies Spenser #45

Spenser Robert B Parker s iconic Boston PI appears here for the forty fifth time now in the very capable hands of Ace Atkins who has revived the series and made it fresh againAs the book opens Spenser s Significant Other the therapist Susan Silverman refers one of her clients Connie Kelly to Spenser Kelly has fallen hard for a guy named M Brooks Welles who claims to be a former high ranking secret agent for the U S government Welles has impressed not only Kelly but a number of cable news networks who have regularly featured him as a noted authority on military matters and international developmentsWelles convinces Kelly to give him nearly 300000 which he is going to invest in a sure fire scheme that will make her a f 12 rounded up This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader Pearl and I were off to Central Suare Her ong brown ears blew in the wind as we drove along Memorial Drive against the Charles Rowers rowed joggers jogged and bench sitters sat It was midSeptember and air had turned crisp The Acid Sky leaves had already started to turn red and gold shining in Technicolor upon the still waterI debated about what uotation I d open with I went with this Parker esue and Atkins esue description Little White Lies is one of the better of Atkins run on this series becauseike here he did something that feels Los viajes de Tuf like something Parker would ve written but not uite what he d have said the I think about it theess I think that Parker d have said bench sitters satActually that s true of the other uotation I almost used tooI nodded adding water to the new coffeemaker sitting atop my file cabinet I d recently upgraded from Mr Coffee to one of those machines that used pre measured plastic cups I placed my mug under the filter clamped down the The Ghost of Buxton Manor lid and returned to my desk Demonic hissing sounds echoed in my office Where have you gone Joe DiMaggioThis is Atkins sixth Spenser novel and you d think he s got enough of a track record that I could stop comparing him to Parker Well you d be wrong I can t stop Thisike most of Atkins work on this series is so reminiscent of early Parker novels that it makes some of the The Killing Connection (Dirty Harry, latter Parkersook Willow (De Beers, like they were written by a hired gun Still I m going to try to keep it to a minimum because it doesn t seem fair to keep doing Susan has sent one of her clients to Spenser for some help that she can t provide Connie Kelly had been dating someone she met online invested in one of his real estate deals and he vanished taking the money with him Could Spenser track him down and get her cash back Sure he says It doesn t takeong for the investigation to show that he owes plenty of people money a couple of months rent here hundreds of thousands of dollar thereHere s the fun part M Brooks Welles the deadbeat in uestion is a silver haired silver tongued mainstay on CABLE NEWS HE S FORMER CIA news He s former CIA an expert on military and national security issues one of those that producers call on regularly when they need a talking head Why s a guy Qabala Trilogy like that flaking out on real estate deals Spenser knows something fishier than expected is going on which takes him into a world of mercenaries gun deals and the ATF Then someone tries to kill him A couple of times And the book stops feelingike a semi ight adventure poking fun at the blowhards on cable TV and the state of American Journalism and how we shouldn t trust as many people who have cameras pointed at them as we do Things take on a different tone bodies start piling up and a darkness slips in to the book This also brings in Belson and his new boss who s still not a fan of Spenser About the same time Connie starts to waver in her conviction that she wants her money back and Welles punished Spenser naturally doesn t care and plows ahead Hawk is able to connect Spenser her money back and Welles punished Spenser naturally doesn t care and plows ahead Hawk is able to connect Spenser some mercenaries that travel in the same circles as Welles and the chase is on Eventually the action moves from Boston and its environs to Georgia Which means that Teddy Sapp is going to make an appearanceAll the characters were great I would ve iked some time with some of Welles co conspirators in Boston I think it d have helped round out our picture of his crimes But it s a minor complaint We also got plenty of interaction with his Georgia based colleagues Even the characters that show up for a page or two as witnesses to the crimes were interesting it s the Where Does the Brown Bear Go? little thingsike those that add so much It was nice to see Teddy Sapp again too He was the best part of Hugger Mugger faint praise I realize The Hawk material was very good maybe Atkins best use of the character yetI fully expect that people are going to spend a All That Drag (The FuBar, lot of time talking about the ending it didn t feelike a Parker ending That said it felt I Promise to Hate, Despise, and Abuse You until Death Do Us Part like an ending that pre A Catskill Eagle Parker might have tried It was satisfying don t misunderstand it s just not the kind of ending that Parker employed Honestly there were two other perfectly acceptable Boston PI Spenser and right hand Hawk follow a con man's trail of smoke and mirrors in theatest entry of the iconic crime series After conning everyone from the cable news shows to the House of Deadly Calm local cops itooks Dragons of Summer Tide (The Dragons of Hwandor, like the grifter'satest double cross may be his astConnie Kelly thought she'd found her perfect man on an online dating site He was silver haired and handsome with a mysterious background working for the CIA She fell so hard for M Brooks Welles that she wrote Little White Lies Spenser #45