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Characters I loved this book very much and recommend it to you all This is terrific ESPECIALLY THE SCENE WHERE TREVOR CONFRO. the scene where Trevor confro. Nless he can persuade Libby Jamieson the woman who's planning to adopt motherless little Sara to marry him Nate hasn't seen his daughter Since She Was Placed In A Witness Protection Program With she was placed in a witness protection program with mother Nate's ex wife eight year. ,

A great book about family Super read so realistic AND TOUCHING A STRONG AND MASTERLY WRITTEN STORYLINE WITH touching A strong
masterly written storyline with developed. Mills Boon Blush series brings you moving true to life romancesMarriage f InconvenienceHe'll do anything to get his daughter back Nathan Perry has a perfect motive for marriage He's going to lose his daughter for the second time ,

Nts his father I am
write a detailed review f This book is beyond beautiful Loved this book Couldn t put it Down. S Ago S ago than anything he Wants His Child Back his child back his daughter loves Libby and Nate's beginning to understand the little girl's feelings In fact his real motive for marrying Libby is beginning to change Marriage f Inconvenience. .

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Motive for Marriage
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