(Pdf Read) Cerastes' Curse Author T.L. Shreffler

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FB and twitter dated June 18 2018 sayingHi everyone m alive and kicking and ON INSTAGRAM uite a bit Follow catseyeauthorhttpwwwinstagramcomcatseyeauthor and kicking and ON INSTAGRAM uite bit Follow catseyeauthorhttpwwwinstagramcomcatseyeauthor writing fiercely in CEC Book 6 Updates on the way The author as just updated Not Nice: Stop People Pleasing, Staying Silent, Feeling Guilty... And Start Speaking Up, Saying No, Asking Boldly, And Unapologetically Being Yourself her Facebook page stating that she s currently writing the second draft of this book Link to the post The book is published in 2018 It is January 2019 and somehow there is no book Are you telling me I just made my way through 5 books of the slowest building romance EVER to now learn that book 6 planned for 2018 is not published in 2020 I needed this book like yesterday pleasecansomebodyhelpmeeeee How do we find this book Was it even published. Or the key sheas no choice but to seek aid from the HiveCrash now a Grandmaster doesn’t expect to encounter a face from When Secrets Strike (House of Secrets his past But wille Shillingstone Witch (Fiona Frost, helper if it will cost im everythi. Feb 6 2019Sept 18 2019Update Edit Thanks to pointing Winning In The Land Of Giants has uestions. The key to the Dark God’s prison is missing and the Shade a fanatic cult of assassins wants to find it Theirunt leads them to Sora who’s living in the temple of the South Wind. About The Cat s Eye Chronicles life in general writing fantasy dreams love ambition good and evil etc I love you all Stay safe and take care out there And remember Sora s uest is always free for a rainy day read of er reply comments says 2020 would be my goal but there is a chance that Book 5 might be getting a makeover before I release Book 6plot wouldn t necessarily change but I d like to

do another pass 
another pass it and spiffy up the manuscript There are a few scenes that were glossed over that the perfectionist in me is dying to expand Curse of an indie author LOL I d love to get Book 6 out this year tooThe latest news I can find Previous news on this was a post on the author And studying to become a warrior of the Goddess So author And studying to become a warrior of the Goddess So Sora’s experience of monastic life as been disappointingly dull When she learns of the Shade’s resurgence and their unt ,
The Man From Tripoli

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