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The Moon in the PalaceI loved this book to pieces All my favorite things omance intrigue and Adventures with a Microscope rich vivid historical detail And a glimpse of the complicated hierarchy of power in the imperial palace Iteminded me of the Hong Kong serials I watched about Empress Wu and Princess Taiping when I was young happy sigh 4 stars It was great I loved itPrior to Thinking Persons Guide to Autism reading this I did not know that much about China s 7th century dynasty history or anything of Empress Wu The historyevealed in the novel was fascinating and led me down numerous abbit holes with Google searches and Wikipedia The author s writing style was enjoyable And I Look Forward To Reading The Rest Of Her I look forward to eading the A Truck Marked Flammable rest of her Favorite uote To grow up was also to give up and to build the future was to dissolve the pastFirst Sentence The day my future was foretold I was just five years old I adored this novel of ancient China in the same way I loved Anita Diamond s The Red Tent both for the evocative language and the story of a time when lovers and wives were sisters and jealousies and scheming wereampant Even when women had few Song of Summer rights I would not want to be one of them this story shows its female characters were not powerless and somehow found the inner strength to improve their lot in life The book has left me thinking about marrying for love vs marrying for influence and how each affects our lives The Chinese folk wisdom superstitions and uotes from The Art of War scattered throughout enriched the story I m eager toead the second book taking a break only because I don t want it to be over Highly ecommend I didn t know anything about the history of 7th century China but was intrigued from the beginning with Mei and her story The author successfully transported me there and for two days I found it difficult to come back I was intrigued by the emperor and by the complex political atmosphere of the palace as well as the fierce competition among the women and girls wanting to be the Most Adored of the Emperor as they fall in and out of favor by deceit and lies The hierarchy of concubines the promise of a better life of being closer to the Emperor and perhaps bearing him son breeds deceit and schemes to move others out of the way conspiracies and bribery There are

lovely descriptions of 
descriptions of palace THE ROYAL ATTIRE AND SO MUCH WITHOUT GOING OVERBOARD royal attire and so much without going overboard this fast paced story of the power struggles among the women of the court and the politics of the palace Watching Mei move closer and further away from the Emperor and then closer again I ead these 400 pages pretty uickly In a A at the end of the book Weina Dai Randel tells how she wanted to write about Chinese women who succeeded in controlling their destinies so she chose to write about Empress Wu and began in this book with her early life She has done extensive Physics on the Fringe research for years eveneading ancient Chinese texts I m very much looking forward to the second book The Empress of Bright Moon Thanks to SOURCEBOOKS Landmark and NetGalley 375 stars Imperial China courtesans political intrigue poisoning double crossings secret al. No palácio da China imperial uma concubina aprende Mundos Simultâneos rapidamente as várias técnicas para conuistar o coração do imperador o Único acima de Todos pintar a cara de branco desenhar um sinal de beleza fazer penteados elaborados Mei é convocada aos 13 anos para a corte do palácio na China imperial uma honra ueesgatará a sua família outrora nobre e influente da misériaPorém ela apidamente descobre ue ,

E of the most stunning tales I have ever ead as is the seuel It s definitely worth trying in my opinion As This Is A Sensational this is a sensational of books that deserve every accolade they My Dysfunctional Family Tree receive But I understood it now Somehow sometime in our lives we all needed to find a path through the clouds of our destinies and walk down Alone I knew now love and destiny were two wild horses that could not be curbed They galloped in different directions andan down different paths where streams of desire and hope would not converge To follow one was to betray the other To make one happy was to break the other s heart Yet I supposed that was part of life a lesson we had to learn To grow up was to give up and to build the future was to dissolve the pastThe only thing we could do was hope for the best to believe that the horse we chose would find us a safe destination Mei She begins the book as a child and by the end of it she has blossomed into a courageous captivating woman who stays true to her heart and her loyalties take her beyond her own expectations She was truly mesmerizingPheasant His gentleness and kindheartedness circled my heart like a ay of sunshine #He s a man of honor and distinction I look forward to eading about him in #s a man of honor and distinction I look forward to Creative Selection: Inside Apple's Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs reading about him in next novelThe other characters were very well developed Some I loved and others I loved to hate all making for a sensationalead It is the first book that I have Youre Smarter Than You Think read that takes place in China A while back I watched a documentary about The Forbidden City which sparked my interest in China s traditional past and then when searching for my next book toead The Moon in the Palace enticed me with its beautiful cover I am so thankful it did because this is by far the best book I have A Medieval Merchant read all year No lieThe emperor in this book makes Henry VIII look like a saint The intricate details within the pages are woven together so elouently It amazed me to find such deep seeded deceit and harsh betrayals among the palace walls I was completely consumed from the very first page It took me two and a half days toead and this is a long book I didn t want to put it down The ending caught me a little off guard though as I expected something a little gratifying but it ended the way it did because The Next Book Will next book will up where it left off I will be thrilled to get my hands on a copy of the I Am René, the Boy / Soy René, el niño remainder of the story There was a lot of action and the plot was well paced There is a lot of philosophy and meaning to be taken from the book There wasn t a lot ofomance but just enough to warm my heart It s kind of hard to get caught up in a The Kingdom Of God romanticelationship with an emperor breathing down your neck I do hope the next has a little love sprinkled through the pages though I m a Operations Strategy romantic at heart The author is brilliant and writes like she was born to I hope she writes many books as I can see her becoming a favorite without uestion This book was given as an advanced copy toeview by NetGalley my Red Haired Snow White, Vol. 01 review is written with honesty and without any ties to the author I did noteceive any monetary gain from doing Imperador provoca uma luta terrível pelo poder na corte imperial E Mei terá de se servir das suas excelentes capacidades de inteligência sabedoria e engenho para escapar e salvar o amor da sua vidaBaseando se em factos eais Weina Dei Randel pinta de forma notável o uadro da China antiga em particular da corte imperial em ue o amor a ambição a intriga e os jogos de poder podem determinar a vida ou a mor. .

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