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Night's Sorceries

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Tanith Lee you ve done it again After what seemed to me to be a disastrous fourth book my favorite fantasy author has gone back to form and xpectedly delivered a fantastic set of stories of Myth And Magic The Stories In This and magic The stories in this take place during the Financial Astrology for the 1990s events of Delirium s Mistress One way to think about this collection is as being side stories thatxpand on the Cames de seda events of Delirium s Mistress and that help to fullyxplain things better and that in the very nd advances the story between Azhriaz and Chuz into a nicely resolved conclusion that brings "The Series Full Circle And That Was "series full circle and that was I admit that I didn t really understand Delirium s Mistress so I might have to go back and re read that one now that this book has better informed my understanding of vents In fact I m going to have to go back and re read the The Cockney Rhyming Slang Dictionary entire series at some point Then that way maybe I ll catch on better to some of the underlying themes that thread through thentire series that I may not have really caught on the first time around After this read the Flat Earth series has officially cemented itself as being an all time favorite series Unimpressed Tanith writes this book merely to complete a five book series The stories are fun to read but they nothing too special or unexpected by her Although this volume is perhaps the weakest of the published in the Flat Earth series the consistent flavor of the writing the nergy of the phantasmagorical imagery and the lovely cyclical nding keep it consistent with the brilliance of the rest of the series The Basics Night s Sorceries serves as a companion novel to the previous volume in the series Delirium s Mistress While the Small Law; Big Success events of Azhriaz s story are unfolding she and the other players are inadvertently affecting the human lives that stray too close These are their storiesMy ThoughtsAt first I wasn t sure how to feel about the fact that this story is not a continuation In the age of demons when the Earth was still flat Prince Chuz Delusion’s Master stole Azhriaz daughter of the Demon Lord of Night from the underworld citadel meant to be herternal prison Pursued by the vengeful Lord of Night Chuz and Azhriaz fled to the world above to the lands of morta.

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Is gorgeous nriching the fairy tale style of the stories presented hereTanith lee is a hopeless romantic romance is a theme that lee is a hopeless romantic romance is a theme that through out the book in fact the Tales #from Flat Earth series as a whole Love being the unifying denominator among all the #Flat Earth series as a whole Love being the unifying common denominator among all the of flat arth from Demon kind to the Lord s of Darkness and mortals alikeThe flat The Queens Favourites (Stuart Saga, earth is a fabulous fictitious world of legends and myths Each story in this collection reads like a fable mortals are meer pawns in the games of the super powered Lords of Darkness and Demons of the flatarth The saving grace and importance of mortality is The Complete Idiots Guide to Amigurumi explored again in the last story of the collectionI can t recommend this booknough for anyone who The Future of India enjoys fantastic fiction A colourful cast of Magicians seductive and treacherous demons anthropomorphic representations of concepts like Madness magical winged horses and annchanting world set on the moon with giant bears what can you ask for You will not be disappointed This book contains seven stories and all of them are somehow connected to Delirium s Mistress There are dark comedies and fairy tales with unexpected twists which are able to profile the life of SovazAzhriazAtmeh from the viewpoint of different bystanders The last two stories Game Players and The Daughter of the Magician relate what happend to Atmeh after the The Prow Beast (Oathsworn, end of previous book and thending is so lovely and delightful Besides there is also a short story about Azhrarn an important character who appears in all five books in the series Black as a Rose is perhaps the darkest story in this book and also my favorite This fifth volume which concludes the series consists of shorter works set in the time of the previous book and sometimes featuring characters from that book such as Azhriaz daughter of the demon Lord of Night Love Finished this a while ago but forgot to update goodreads Tanith Lee is a gift to mankind or at least to fiction. Owest peasants were led into new kingdoms of nchantment where a man could learn to commune with beasts where magicians found their spells recast where a woman’s kindness could turn back time and where a mortal might fulfill a prophecy that would place the very sun and moon within his gras. .
F the Tales of the Flat Earth so much as an xpansion upon #The Last Book Yet #last book Yet most of Lee s books it Gusto endears itself so uickly that I couldn t be annoyed by that for long at all Each of these tales has a different tone to it some light and fluffy others dark and cynical Each one brings something fresh to the tableOne of my favorites was Children of the Night wherein a young woman is betrothed to anvil lord That sounds pretty straightforward but the story is anything but It has a decidedly Midsummer Night s Dream feel to it with a lot of whimsy and humor In the same vein as that This series is one of my all time favorite fantasy series but it s been probably 10 years since I read the original trilogy This one didn t blow me away like those books but it had the same fantastical mo gothic fairy tale feeling Tanith Lee is often hit or miss with me I ve read many short stories from her that bored me to tears but I liked ALL the stories in this collection so I definitely recommend it specially if you ve read the other books and you like dark fantastic fiction Incidental especially if you ve read the other books and you like dark fantastic fiction Incidental to the grander ones of The Hollywood Book of Death earlier books in the series In the night by the side of a crackling fireplace Lee whispers into yourar rich heady and often hedonistic stories that seem slightly familiar and might offer lessons in life or might be there simply to My Notorious Gentleman (The Inferno Club, entertain which they certainly do Dunsany s in there Clark Ashton Smith is and there s a smattering of Howard and Vance A goodnd to the Flat Earth series I am giving this short story collection from Tanith Lee 5 stars This is the last book in the Tales from Flat Earth series a must read for any fantasy fanThis collection of short stories soars reaching the heights I have come to xpect from Tanith Lee Rich and vivid imagery written in a romantic prose that verges on the dreamlike Tanith Lee s world s are brimming with imagination beauty and treacherous danger As always the writing. L men seeking a haven for their loveYet when demons dwelt in the realm of men terror and wonders were bound to result And so it was for all who came in contact with Chuz Azhriaz and their dread pursuer As all three worked their powerful sorceries men and women from the highest lords to the .