[E–pub New] Chariot on the Mountain

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Chariot on the MountainVer comes her way Kitty has been ducated taken into the house and taught how to read and write Kitty feels that freedom will be worth whatever it costs The language and argument of both lawyers in this case reflect two very different viewpoints Since men found the language to support slavery it makes me wonder about the nature of justice the language of law Can language be bent "To Suit Any And The Law To Support Any "suit any need and the law to support any I think these are uestions we must still ask ourselves today What does freedom look like For Kitty it looked like self determination and not having to fear losing her connection with her children by being sold as property That is so huge and something that I take for granted very day of my life Highly recommended The chase is onWhat a fabulous read to close out the year My first Ford and not the car so I will be inclined to try anotherKitty is a mulatto skinned slave on the run With her mistress who is trying to repent for the wrongs of having slaves and honouring her deceased husband s last wish to free Kitty and her childrenExcept she has a deceitful nephew who demands a share of the state and wants to trade in Kitty and her kids for some cold hard cash Chariot on the Mountain by Jack Ford is a 2018 Kensington publication Historically interesting A Primavera de Helliconia - 2 (Helliconia, emotionally rivetin. Llies her former mistress Mary and Fanny Withers a rich and influential socialite who is persuaded to adopt Kitty's cause and uses her resources and charm to secure a lawyer The sensational trial that follows will decide the fate of Kitty and her children and bond threextraordinary yet very different women together in their uest for justiceBased on little known true vents and brought vividly to life by Emmy and Peabody award winning journalist Jack Ford here is an astonishing account of a time when the traditions of the Old South still thrived a treacherous journey toward freedom and a testament to determination friendship and courag. Chariot on the Mountain is inspired by the life of Kitty Payne Born "a slave near Huntly Virginia she was the daughter of her master Samuel "slave near Huntly Virginia she was the daughter of her master Samuel Six years after his death his widow Mary chose to mancipate Kitty and her four children This decision alone was highly unusual for that time But to add fuel to the fire that was #already kindling Mary chose to move with Kitty s family to Gettysburg Pennsylvania #kindling Mary chose to move with Kitty s family to Gettysburg Pennsylvania incited Samuel s nephew to hire a band of slave catchers to kidnap the E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial entire Payne family and bring them back into the bonds of slavery But the story doesn tnd there Kitty went on to pursue and successfully defend a court case to win back her family s freedom Although Chariot on the Mountain is a fictional account of this incredible story Jack Ford s diligence in relaying the facts of both the legal case and rendering the sentiments of this time period make this moment in history come alive I was fascinated by this tale of strength and unity and am glad to see Kitty Payne s story finally being told Special thanks to Net Galley Kensington Books and Jack Ford for receiving an ARC in Annual Report of the Public Works Department for the Year Ending December 31, 1958 exchange for an honest review Based on the true story of Kitty Payne this story takes place 20 years before the Civil War When Samuel Maddox dies he leaves hisstate to his wife Mary All Samuel s slaves are now. Once old Mastuh be dead you be workin' in the fields just like the rest of 'em That day comin' soon Two decades before the Civil War a middle class farmer named Samuel Maddox lies on his deathbed Elsewhere in his Virginia home a young woman named Kitty knows her life is about to change She is one of the Maddox family's slaves and Samuel's biological daughter When Samuel's wife Mary inherits her husband's property she will own Kitty too along with Kitty's three small childrenAlready in her fifties and with no children of her own Mary Maddox has struggled to accept her husband's daughter a strong willed confident ducated woman who works. Mary s property But Samuel s last death bed reuest was that Mary free Kitty and her three children Kitty is Samuel s biological child

"A Child That Came About "
child that came about of Samuel s relationship with a slave woman a woman that Samuel later sold much to Mary s relief Mary had long suspected Samuel s relationship with the slave woman ven though Samuel had denied it With Samuel s death bed reuest Mary now knows the truth of what she had long suspected Maddox s nephew Sam will try to prevent his Aunt Mary s Star Trek VI (Star Trek TOS: Movie Novelizations, emancipation of Kitty and the chikdren What Mary does and the court battle thatnsued is now a matter of history How Jack Ford tells the story is as Fahrenheit 451 engaging and interesting as the historical facts would suggest Mary s character is most fascinating to me Against the culture of her time and the speculation of her neighbors Mary stands fast against the tide of Virginia s politics How difficult this must have been Mary was brave and very uniue in her willingness to be stigmatized for her support of Kitty the result of her husband s infidelity What does Mary stand to gain because she has her standing in the community to lose As Ford will show Mary has her self respect to gain and her own sense of integrityKitty hasverything to gain and shows herself to be truly courageous "unflinching in the face of whate. In the house and has been treated like family than slave "in the face of whate. In the house and has been treated like family than slave Samuel's death Mary decides to grant Kitty and her children their freedom and travels with them to Pennsylvania where she will file papers declaring Kitty's mancipation Helped on their perilous flight by uaker families along the Underground Railroad they finally reach the free state But Kitty is not yet safeDragged back to Virginia by a gang of slave catchers led by Samuel's own nephew who is determined to sell her and her children Kitty takes a defiant step charging the younger Maddox with kidnapping and assault On the surface the move is brave yet hopeless But Kitty has ,