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The Boyfriend

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S in a society with than the usual number of reasons or people to think they re better than other people And most Surprisingly The Ending Is In the ending is in own way almost uite a happy oneI read anything and everything set in India but The Boyfriend is one of the most unusual novels I ve ever *FOUND FOR AN INDIAN BOOK TO BE AS EXPLICIT *For an Indian book to be as explicit this to be as open about what s still very much a taboo lifestyle is extraordinary and R Raj Rao is to be commended or writing what others only hint at I can only imagine that it has been
help to many Indian gay who otherwise have little access to literature of this kind This book had so much promise I wanted to like it But I couldn t Well it kept me hooked till end But it wasn t edited properly And I am tired of reading novels with gay characters who are always promiscuous India s One Hot Target first gay novel does not live up to its hype its historical significance notwithstanding the writing is too plain to pass muster as ainal draft of a novel The characters are clumsily drawn with little or no imagination plot points are unconvincingly conveniently injected right before they need to be invoked and the dialogues are insipid at best The story is A Baby Between Them (Irish Brides, full of dick jokes that do not make you laugh of cliches thatall Communication and Interviewing Skills for Practice in Social Work, Counselling and the Health Professions flat and a style that is immature atirst but gradually becomes and intolerableI d pass this Little Peach for India s second gay novel or itsirst evidence of non gay ueer literature This book La pregunta de sus ojos followed an amusing narrative lending to laughs than were expected when glancing at the cover There exists a nuanced way in which the author presents carefully interwoven symbolism while touching upon issues of concern in the early 1990srom a twenty Cold Storage first century perspective The relationship was extremely plausible and heart warming to the extent that weelt Rebel Girls for the characters as they waxed and waned in their desire lust and attachment I was impressed by so much of this book and it left me wanting of the author a high commendation on literature that amuses whileurnishing the reader with a multi layered series of characters that surprise in a down to earth Great Goddesses fashion. And devoid of sentimentality this novel brings us a tragi comic love storyrom the jumbled up heart of Mumbai In the process it also examines with unsparing irony the realities of caste class religion masculinity and the gay subculture in Ind. ,
S he s in love Then Milind disappears again and Yudi needs to Kansa (Book 1 - The Killer Trilogy) The Professor Black Series find him againIf you lose someone in a city the size of Mumbai they usually stay lostThe Boyfriend is a real eye opener and an exceedingly thought provoking book It s not just about the challenges of being a sexually active gay man in 1990s Mumbai it sull of other deep topics such as mother son love and responsibility cross caste relationships shades of outsidership friendship lust love deception and extortion exploitation of all types and lust love deception and extortion exploitation of all types and of survivorship in a city where money counts or a lot Milind is survivorship in a city where money counts or a lot Milind is Dalit what used to be called an untouchable and he can t understand why *A HIGH CASTE MAN LIKE YUDI WOULD DEFILE HIMSELF *high caste man like Yudi would defile himself a Dalit but Yudi tells him all gays are outcasts to society and so euals even if the ones with the money get to call the shotsThere are prejudices in the book lots of them and not always the ones you expect Milind is able to consider himself somehow less gay and therefore better than Yudi because he s the active partner When he works as a call boy he s offended by being treated in a Mind the Gap female role because it demeans his manliness When he marries he loathes and abuses his wife treating her as a servant beneath contempt returning eventually to Yudi to get money to support hisamily There s little to like about this unpleasant little man but he makes Yudi happy and despite the exploitation and Profitable Routines financial nature of their contact Yudi gains a contentment that eludes his loverIt s not all heavy and serious stuff though There s are some veryunny passages as well You will also learn a lot probably than you d ever want to know about how gay men cruise Mumbai Tips For Special Events Planners for actionrom the park to the public toilets to the gay carriage on the train At times it reads like San Francisco in the 1970s than Mumbai in the 1990sI can t really say I enjoyed this book but I certainly The Surprising Truth about Sales found it very interesting and I will put R Raj Rao s other book onto my wishlist Itilled in some uestions in my mind about the practicalities of how gay relationships work in a big Indian city about the challenges of different lifestyle. Art Million-Dollar Maverick (Montana Mavericks: 20 Years in the Saddle! from numerous others and Yudi returns to his bachelor'slat and sex with strangers Months pass But when riots break out in Mumbai Yudi Mes chres tantes et leurs copines finds himself worrying about the boyrom Churchgate station He is in love Full of irreverent dry humour. What am I a white English heterosexual country living happily married woman doing reading about the life and love of a sexually voracious homosexual who lives works in Mumbai and woman doing reading about the life and love of a sexually voracious homosexual who lives works in Mumbai and the parks and train station toilets of the city in search of cheap sexual thrills What am I doing I m throwing myself neck deep into an alien pool marked not my comfort zone and all in the pursuit of my need to know about the country *that ascinates me beyond all othersWhen you consider that India is a country of over a billion people it s pretty *fascinates me beyond all othersWhen you consider that India is a country of over a billion people it s pretty that there will be plenty of homosexuals especially when emale infanticide means there are a lot men than women and dating is almost non existent When you look at Indian literature or watch Indian Quantum Principles and Particles, Second Edition films you could beorgiven The Girl Who Came From Rags for thinking that nobody in India does that sort of thing just as you can beorgiven Now Entering Addamsville for thinking there s no sex outside marriageIt s like a national conspiracy to look the other way Occasionally a brave author will introduce a gay or lesbian character into an Indian novel but generally the rules are that such characters must have a miserable loveless and tragic life The Boyfriend by R Raj Rao breaks all the rulesThe Boyfriend is set 20 years ago in Mumbai and is the story of Yudi a gay journalist in his 40s who lives in alat in an unfashionably end of the line suburb of the city Most days he gets up drifts into the city to do a bit of writing see newspaper and magazine editors have lunch with riends or colleagues and then pop into the toilets at Churchgate Station In Search Of No in search of no attached sexual gratification with like minded strangers He loves the thrill of picking up men at Churchgate On one visit to the toilets he picks up a young man called Milind who is less than half his age After a bit of hanky panky in the lavs Yudi takes him back to his mother s apartment The Frankish Kingdoms Under the Carolingians 751-987 for the night Don t worry his mum s away there are some depravities that even the worst Indian son won t stoop to in his mother s homeNext morning the two part but Yudi can torget his young lover and when Star Wars Dooku fate brings the two together again he realise. One Sunday morning in late 1992 Yudi aorty something gay journalist picks up a 19 year old Dalit boy in the Churchgate loo After hurried sex he gets rid of the boy afraid that he may be a hustler There is nothing to set this brief enounter ap. ,