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Ntington draws on than three decades of experience in the field and classroom to clearly explain what goes on behind the scenes and inside the machines that bring bold performances to life in real world settings Note This is a Print Replica showing ou Exactly The Same Layout You See In The Print Edition the same layout Fallen Angels you see in the print edition and search work butou have to do a bit "Of Zooming Especially On Phone "zooming especially on phone devices It looks pretty good on a decent size tabl.

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Ects and traditional performing arts "The Book Offers An In Depth Examination Of The Technology offers an in depth examination of the technology behind the scenes in lighting lasers audio video stage machinery animatronics special and pyrotechnics and show control the techniue used to interconnect and synchronize two or show systems In this extensively revised and updated second edition after three editions with the previous title Control Systems for Live Entertainment Hu. Show and Control Systems "The Industry Standard Since "industry standard since is both a learning guide for and a reference for experienced technicians With its uniue combined focus on computers networks and control systems the book covers the art and practice of using these tools for live shows such as concerts theatre productions theme park attractions themed retail installations cruise ship shows museum exhibits interactive media proj. Show Networks and Control Systems Kindle Edition