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Wicked Hex The Royals Witch Court Book 3Whew this bookThis is the third book in this really great series and one I am so completely addicted to They have to figure out a way to fix Tucker and she is determined to not lose him and will do everything she can to save him Absolutely love this series and all the characters This one icked up speed around half way through First it was a and all the characters This one icked up speed around half way through First it was a difficult to get into the story The story lost some momentum the last third of book two and it continued into Interesting we get to meet Ophelia I am not sure who Zinnia should trust in this book except Nova Nova is the only one who trusted Zinnia with her secret Zinnia acts like she trusts Ophelia Crow from the start She says she doesn t but actions speak louder than words Poor Tuck is really struggling through this book It makes me mad because Grayson knows they are soulmates a lot of them suspect it including Matthias So why doesn t someone with knowledge of things related to soulmates help them out It just seems like in a World Of Magic There Could of magic there could been something done before Tuck got so deadly Now on to the next because I don t believe the ending will stay the way it layed out Oh my gosh This is one book I will keep thinking about for days Its going to be hard to get into the next book after this one I can t wait to read the next book I have to find out what happens with zin and if tuck actually tells everyone the truth This is the third book in The Royals Witch Court series and they just keep getting better This book is well written fast Die Wise paced actionacked and grabs your attention right from the beginning and keeps you in suspense until the very last age Zinnia s world has been turned upside down not knowing

to trust Tucker has been with a Hex Alataris is coming for her and no one is safe I loved everything about this book and can t wait for the next book Wicked Potion How far would you go for someone you loveThe ueens and their knights are faced with their toughest obstacle yet and they don t eve. Some owers come with a Hungarian Heroes and Legends price My life is unrecognizable I’ve never been in danger I thought I was safe at Ever Academy I thought we were finally makingrogress in this war I thought I had eople I could trustI. .
N know it at least at the start Add to that some new faces whom nobody seems keen on having around and Zin isn t sure what to think especially when new connections are revealed In this book we see Zin going all in for someone she loves She ll ut her faith in the unknown and do whatever it takes to make things right But when it comes to matters of the heart we often don t think straight and can make rash decisions So what happens if she goes too far okay okay okay I need the next book goes too far okay okay okay I need the next book This novel is way too intense If I could rate this novel than 5 stars I wouldas well as this entire series so far Zinnia is looking for the cure to the Hex that was laced on Tucker by spoiler you know who Ahh I can t even Ophelia was such a bright spot within this novel she is so complex and sassy I love herSo many secrets were brought forward this novel Becks and Nova sKumi I loved that there was of her in this novel too In this next novel I want of Becks and his Thirteenth Child (Frontier Magic, pastsecret I want of Nova and her friendship with not only Zin but Ophelia I want Brax and his love for animals and hopefully a relationship with Kumi I want the dragon to come back and kick ass I want Ophelia and Cross to have of their complicated relationship explored More of Grayson as he is a Vampireplus his family curse Seriously there are so many ways this next novel could goand so many things that I NEED to happen Tucker and Zin are seriously end game soulmates This series is beyondhenomenal I cannot get enough of these characters and this world I have no idea how long Ms Montero Craft Notes for Animators plans for this series to be but I seriously hope there are several novels in this world Dang That was a wicked Hex for sure Title is very accurate We start back up with where Zinnia has rescued the ice dragon from her dear old dad Tucker has a Hexut on him Trying to find a way to remove it becomes a challenge A sister and a new guy added to the mix Things get very complicated Gah the ending I need book 4 This is one of those. Thought I could always count on TuckerI thought wrongBut now all that’s changed Alataris is coming for me with everything he's got and no one is safe He's using the eople I love against me I’m not sure who.
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Books you just can t stop thinking about when re done I love how close Zinnia and have become After seeing how Alataris treats Ophelia I am not done I love how close Zinnia and Nova have become After seeing how Alataris treats Ophelia I am not where she ended up I also loved Kumi s increasing involvement with the knights and ueens A revious review by Nic said it all This is a fantastic series and I love each and every one of the group I hope there are many books in this series to learn about all of the others I reuested an advanced reader copy and am under no obligation to leave this review Some Popular Representations of Development powers come with arice I need Ever Academy than ever Alataris will stop at nothing to take me down even use the ones I love against me Now I have to trust the one Manual of Environmental Management person I know I can tDelightful Suspenseful Magical I had started reading The Royals Witch Court back in mid March and now that I read WICKED HEX I am even in love with the series than when I first started reading it I had feeling that this series would be my type of the book but I didn t realize how much I would love this series I cannot wait toick up the next book in the series and see what happens and how can I not after an ending like that That ending I was in shock even I did not see that coming Now that is a cliffhanger that will have you waiting for How can you not help but wonder what happens next I know that I do I feel as if WICKED HEX had the most going on from the books that I have read so far I loved the first two books in the series but so far WICKED HEX has been my favorite One of the reasons that I read this one so fast was because I couldn t force myself to ut this one down Anytime that I tried to or was ready to something unexpected happened and I ended up reading for few
There was a lot of in this one and not a single age where there wasn t something going on WICKED HEX will keep you on edge of your seat from beginning to end and afterwards will have you craving for Zinnia I think out of all characters she is one of my favorites I also feel like out of every. Is on my side or who has fallen to the enemy's tricks I want to turn to Tuck but even he is hiding things from meMy life is falling to Sketchy Behavior pieces and to fix it I'll have to turn to the oneerson I know I can't trust.