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El beso de la mujer arañaIson cell one is ffete and the other is masculine one is a seducer the other is a revolutionary and Metropolis XXX each of them pursues his own benefit when they switch on a strong spotlight the appearance of such a strange woman with a long dress on that s shining Silver lam that fits her like a glove yes And her face she s wearing a mask it s also silver but poor creature she can t move there in the deepest part of the jungle she s trapped in a spider s web or no the spiderweb is growing out of her own body the threads are coming out of her waist and her hips they re part of her body so many threads that look hairy like ropes and disgust meven though if I were to touch them they might feel as smooth as who knows what but it makes me ueasy to touch them Doesn t she speak no she s crying or no she isn t she s smiling but a tear rolls out from beneath the mask Who is a spider and who is a fly Who is using whom And what is a price of a kiss I think I must have been in my mid or late teens when I came across the movie adaptation of this novel on TV I don t remember much about it only that the movie must have just started and that I recognised William Hurt and Raul Julia and that I the movie must have just started and that I recognised William Hurt and Raul Julia and that I immediately drawn in by the chemistry between the two I looked the movie up just now and was surprised to find that they actually filmed the movie scenes that Molina Hurt relate from memory to Valentin Julia All I recall from the movie is the two of them talkingIn the novel that s basically what takes place Two people are stuck in a prison cell together and they talk Molina is serving Darwins Radio eight years for the corruption of a minor He is what I now recognise as a trans woman but to the Argentinian authorities he is simply a sexual deviant I use the pronoun he because that s how Molina is seen by most characters in the book and conseuently the pronoun the author uses Valentin is imprisoned for being a political deviant a left wingxtremist Personally he sees himself as fighting for a just causeMolina wants only to live as a woman and to love and be loved but also believes that to be a woman is to submit to a man and to center your life around him Valentin believes that having strong attachments is a liability that will make it harder to do what needs doing and make the necessary sacrifices But he also believes that relations between a man and a woman need to be on ual termsTo pass the time in their cell Molina narrates from memory his favourite movies while these two disparate prisoners slowly memory his favourite movies while these two disparate prisoners slowly get know ach other scenes cell life and past life weave in and out of Lord of Darkness each other and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish which of the two characters is responsible for a stray thought Somewhat oddly the book also contains footnotes detailing the various theories around the cause of homosexuality and how it relates to sexual repression and control The Freudian parts were bonkers but I found the later discussions of bourgeois homosexuality and the subjugation of women rather fascinating and very much in thread with my own personal rejection of formal marriage but that s another story I m still notntirely sure the footnotes fit in with the book or what xactly Puig was going for with their inclusion xcept that at the time of writing homosexuality was widely viewe. Ntin listens Valentin believes in the just cause which makes all suffering bearable; Molina believes in the magic of love which makes all The Hunt for Tokyo Rose elsendurable Each has al.

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Manuel Puig had an unusual structure and premise for his book which at first was highly intriguing but soon became ponderous and lost it s way His style has been described as Norwegian Wood experimental and creative and maybe that s the case but it felt like a watered down script consisting only of lines of dialogue to tell the story but with the disadvantage of no sense of place or mood The premise of having the whole novel set in a prison cell seemed to have potential and indeedarly on I felt a great novel was on the cards and to be fair the relationship development between the two cell mates was handled well Yet the whole scenario came across as fairly predictable I did suspect some duplicity added to that I never really got to liking Lost Heritage (Harlequin Romance, either character so I wasn tngaged motionally in their plight It seems like a book that will nd up dividing opinion I stand in the middle ground It was a decent read on a psychological level I am legit stunnedRating and review later Right now I am speechless Better than I thought it d be very creepy and original It wasn t the most memorable book in the world though In my opinion Kiss of the Spider Woman is an xuisite novel one I could not put down until the very last word To give away too much about this book is to spoil so it will be just barebones here Set in Argentina too much about this book is to spoil so it will be just barebones here Set in Argentina the mid 1970s Luis Molina and Valent n Arregui are cellmates in a prison Molina a gay window dresser for corruption of a minor and Valent n for being a Marxist guerilla who will not give over any information to the authorities Molina spends much of their time together recounting films he s seen which at first seems like an scape mechanism but as the novel progresses it becomes very clear that there s much than passing time going on As Molina works his way through several movies the reader begins to notice that they cover a wide range of themes including political awareness power uestions of identity and the true nature of the characters sacrifice betrayal and the nature of relationships but ven importantly they are all about different forms of repression and imprisonment The movies offer both prisoners a chance to begin serious and meaningful dialogue about their own inner anxieties and their relationship becomes closer as they begin to open up to ach other But of course there s than meets the Greybeard eye here leading to terrible tragic conseuences The films recounted by Molina in this novel provide great insight into various means of repression forced on others by outside forces it is also in part a story whichxamines the ways in which different people seek to transcend their own forms of imprisonment Obviously there s much much but this post just has to do for the time being While several readers have xpressed misgivings about this book in my opinion it s one that should not be missed After reading the book see the film absolutely in my opinion it s one that should not be missed After reading the book see the film absolutely I can t begin to say just how much I loved this novel I have read this book than 10 times Only one word can describe it Brilliant Forever one of my favorite books EVER A true masterpiece Kiss of the Spider Woman is a powerful psychological drama a dark chamber nocturneSometimes the ntire state turns into a jail and then prisons become just a continuation of the state There are two men in a pr. Sometimes they talk all night long In the still darkness of their cell Molina re weaves the glittering and fragile stories of the film he loves and the cynical Vale. D as mental illness and illegal in most of the world And Puig seems very much ahead of his time I spent most of the book wondering how it would all play out in the nd and what the title had to do with anything And I could probably spend a long paragraph just discussing the ambiguous nature and imagery of the title but that would be a spoilerIn short recommended and I would like to read by Manuel Puig So funny thing I actually started this book once when I I would like to read by Manuel Puig So funny thing I actually started this book once when I a kid maybe about nine years old Strangely I thought I remembered what I d read really clearly but then on this rereading realized I d read of it before than I d previously realized Also funny my passion for this book waned around the same place this time as when I was nine though this time I stuck with it and followed through to the ndSo this book takes place in a Latin American prison cell occupied by a political prisoner and a window dressing mama adoring homosexual The beginning and much of the novel throughout is the gay guy recounting old films he s seen in incredible detailOkay So All you English majors out there probably know what these are called the fantastical shimmering stories within stories that are so much purely imaginative and sensual and far out than the main story itself Ratatouille ever could be you know what I mean like the interludes in Don uixote and Judy Blume s Starring Sally J Freeman as Herself and Margaret Atwood s Lady Oracle and a thousand other books I can t think of right now There s something about those kinds of stories that I really wish I could get at here but I probably can t What are they like They re like the icing but you can t justat the can of icing not that I haven t but it isn t good or it is but it makes you nauseous The stories are like the silk rose on your underpants but you can t just have underpants made up of silk roses They re the non porn sex scene the roller coaster drop the hook of the song the cherry on the sundae the beauty mark the car detailing the best part of the show I know these are super lame useless pedestrian analogies but I ve been wanting to write this review for days and the right words just haven t come so in the Tarkovsky end I thought I d just say what I could and appeal to you all for help Do you guys know what I mean I mean the thing that is the best thing but What are you reading Kiss of the Spider Woman Hey I ve heard of that Likely because of the movie that was made of it How is the book Fantastic Essentially all dialogue but somehow all the descriptive for it Huh You gonna finish those fries More than anything this book gets mexcited about the possibilities of writing Puig revolutionizes the way the novel is framed his awesome work writing Puig revolutionizes the way the novel is framed his awesome work a play a stream of consciousness a historic document a research paper a review of films it s ALL these things in one poignant EXTREMELY hard to put down novelThe two main characters Molina the sad deceitful complex Spider Woman who lures tempts and tests the headstrong Valentin hold Wizard World entire worlds inside of them They are both outcasts tragic creatures perhaps two of the most human charactersver devised in these terrains The story seems to go nowhere and then also Barnum (Vocal Selections) everywhere Symbols aboundxplanations like the Freud footnotes are sometimes completely irrelevant yet try to The Well-hung Gun (The Squirm Files, expla. Ways been alone and alwaysspecially now in danger of betrayal But in cell 7 Powers of Darkness each surrenders to the other something of himself that he has never surrendered before.

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