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Untamed Delights The Phoenix Pack #8Xasperated look Or you could try giving it some mouth to mouth Hey it might rise from the dead you never know She handed him a steaming mug You have serious issues Nothing I haven t heard before For those detractors that are disappointed in the fact that they are not true mates and I have seen a few reviews that say that Stating that it is getting old I don t know what series they have been reading but if I remember correctly most of the previous books have been about the couples actually being true mates but not realizing it at first because something was in the way of the bond forming like emotional issues However in this one I actually thought it was refreshing that they knew from the start that they were not true mates so they were not pining for that true mate link Mila was at the very beginning but she got over it very ickly when she started to get the hots for Dominic And really who wouldn t Dominic is hot and apparently so is another part of his anatomy and he isn t afraid to tell everybody This book was steamyThe storyline about the threats was pretty great also Suzanne Wright has a great formula for these books where they all have a few standard elements including a romance between one of the main characters in the pack and another person storyline to keep the war between the shifters and the human extremists going and a storyline where a character in the romance is in danger or is searching for something in order to resolve something in their life This formula works very well It gives the romance additional angst or depth it adds a lot of action and Wizard World usually it adds some awesome fight seuences I love it and could read as many as Suzanne can write Blog Goodreads Facebook Twitter BookBub NOW LIVE US UKAudio re read 12219 One of the hottest audio s of the seriesI m so sad to see this series end but I couldn t be happier with the way that it did Dominic and Mila put a permanent smile on my face while I was reading their story Dominic has been the character throughout this series that was always a strong presence and the one that I was dying to see finally find his mate Mila was honestly the perfect woman for him and his raunchy jokes She always found the perfect responses to his silliness and I loved that about them Seriously they were the most adorable couple There was also a lot of action going on in the story that had me on the edge of my seat I was constantlyestioning what was going to happen and I had no clue who was behind everything Which I loved since I always think the best books are the ones that can keep be guessingOne of the things I enjoy the most from this series is how the Pack comes together to solve whatever problem is currently happening and in this book we had the bonus of also seeing that with Mila s family the Olympus Pride Getting to see of those characters has me excited to see what Ms Wright is planning for their own series ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review 4 StarsI m not really in a reviewingreading gasp mood this week I have a lot going on in my personal life that s kind of taking all my attention and mental energy right now So even though this is going to be a horrifyingly shitty review I just want to at least lay something down in this review space before I completely forget to do so But enough excuses about me let s talk about this book I have been a Suzanne Wright fan from the very start I have read this series from the very beginning as they were released As I ve said before and as you are probably sick of hearing me mention I even own a copy of the original version of Feral Sins You know the one with the menage scene that was since edited out and removed from whence it came I enjoyed it at the time but I nderstand why it was taken out once Wright decided to make it into a series But I digress Dominic has been the flirty scene stealer since book one and I know we have all been waiting for his book with breath bated And it was a solid showing As all we Wright fans know Wright follows a fairly "specific formula throughout all her PhoenixMercury Pack books we all know what that formula is "formula throughout all her PhoenixMercury Pack books And all know what that formula is readers might be bothered this They want original story telling and yadda yadda yadda But you know what I likeA sure thing And every time I open a Wright book I know I am going to enjoy the shit out of it Something I also loved about this specific installment is that in my opinion Dominic stayed true to the characterization Wright cultivated for him over the course of the first seven books Obviously his cheesy lines became a little directed once he got involved with the heroine but it was still very present Something else I really liked about this book also is the fact that Dominic and Mila are not true mates This is not a spoiler by the way It s stated in the blurb and alluded to immediately pon starting I enjoyed the element of choice and the way life circumstances can affect our opinion of what may or may not be fated Anysameshit if this is the first review of mine on a book from this series and you haven t read some of thediscussion points I alluded to above I ll just do you a solid and link some of those reviews below for those interestedI think fans of the series will be pleased with this installment I am sad to see the end of The Phoenix Pack series which Wright states this book represents in the author notes But I look forward to from The Mercury Pack and Dark in You series My reviews for other books in this seriesBook one Feral SinsBook two Wicked CravingsBook three Carnal Secre. Mating Then she meets Dominic a pack enforcer with a notorious reputation It’s in his very scent This irresistible playboy and delicious badass wolf is making Mila’s fantasies come alive againAlarming compelling and heady with sensual energy Dominic is an expert at making women shed their inhibitions Now everything about him his killer smile his perfectly sculpted body and his smooth as honey voice is drawing in a cap. ,

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Release Day 167195 stars 15619 Review now posted Everyone s favourite naughty wolf shifter finally got his own book And who would have guessed that the adorable cheesy goofball that is Dominic had layers than a 10 layer chocolate cakeOr that his mate would be a cutely vicious pallas cat I don t know why I thought that Dominic s book would be lighthearted and cheesy Maybe because he is the King of cheesy pick p lines and has throughout 7 books been the one to tease and infuriate his pack mates the one that made them smile So when I got layers than I expected I was literally ecstatic He is not the one dimensional horny cheeseball we know but so much We saw so many sides of him in this book that his image has been forever changed in my mind And I loved it And to top it all off SW made him into an awesome dirty talker too That was like the frosting on an already scrumptious cake His chosen mate a pallas cat shifter Mila Devereaux was the most subtle of perfect matches Their compatibility and suitableness wasn t in your face but rather nfolded during the book And despite me tending to like the true matches I can t deny that in this book SW made me love the imprinted couples so much Mila is part of the pallas cat pride we met in Madisyns book Echoes of Fire The Mercury Pack 4 and we got to see a lot of them in this one So much that it really made me want a spin off for them or the other side of her family the Russian wolverines while I was reading And my wishes are getting fulfilled as we are getting an Olympus Pride spin off according to her acknowledgements Their getting together wasn t instant and I loved that too They both had issues and both had to chose to be with each other And of course SW doesn t make it easy on either of them Add a crazy fling and her delusional father from Dominic s past and Mila s true mate that has imprinted on someone else and everything takes on a dangerous edge I think I m running out of words to say how much I love this author and her storytelling Her formula is fantastic and is always a winner for me I cannot recommend her enough From this series to her Dark In You series and Deep In Your Veins she has continually surprised and pleased me I m sad that we got to the end of the Phoenix Pack series but we got a lovely epilogue Also I m sure that I will love whatever she decides to write next 8619 How I love it when Suzanne Wright has these available on Read Now on NetGalley ARC kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 7419 I cannot wait to read this Even though the blurb doesn t make much sense to me But maybe that s the migraine talking Already pre ordered I have no idea how long has this been on GR and I ve only just noticed Another awesome read I am very sad that this was the last book in the series though I have my Grandson visiting this weekend so I will write my review when he s gone There s one thing Suzanne Wright nails every single time and that s her characters Dominic has intrigued me since the first book with his flirting and snark and I knew that went an awful lot deeper than we d seen so far and was I "ever right Damn my heart hurt for him and what he went through as a child But "right Damn my heart hurt for him and what he went through as a child But s hope Cue Mila one of the best characters SW has written to date Kickass take no prisoners fierce and yet nderneath all that was heart "of gold I really liked their 4 Dom Stars s "gold I really liked their 4 Dom Stars It s secret that I love Suzanne Wright She is one of my favorite authors The Phoenix Pack was my favorite of all her series Dominic stole my heart from book one with his corny pick p lines and playful charm I was both excited and sad when I got Untamed Delights Excited that I was finally getting Dom s HEA Sad that it is the last book in the Phoenix Pack series I don t want my favorite set of sexy badass shifters stories to stop So I felt a little better at the end of the book when the author notes said we will still see our beloved favorites again in the new spin off series Olympus Pride Though not my favorite in the series I still really loved Untamed Delights Dom was yummy and funny as always I liked Mila a lot They had off the wall sexual tension I loved getting deeper with Dom and seeing new sides to him I love the pallas cat shifters they are so crazy funny Mila and Dom made a really cute couple Seeing all the pack mates again and the kids melted my heart It sometimes amazes me how attached I can become to a series Reading this book made me want to go back and reread the whole series I really loved Mila s family Both sides were funny as hell and I hope her brother Alex gets a book in the new spin off I think one of my favorite parts in the whole book was the other males giving Dom a little pay back for all the flirting he did with their mates over the years Overall a really good ending to a much loved series Dominic is still my favorite of the Phoenix pack and this book lived Quitter Son Pays up to my expectationsI give this a full 5 stars and 2 thumbspDominic lived Bounty in Bondage up to all my expectations with his hilarious wit awesomely cheesy but creative one liners and sexual innuendos Only this time he devoted them strictly to one person instead of the mates of his friends and pack Mila is a girl he meets in the Mercury run bar and at first he sees her as a short fling butickly figures out he feels for her than he sually does with women There s really no point in me pushing for sex Keeping one arm around her he moved to prop his hip against the counter My cockwell it died Is it okay if I bury it in your pussy He smiled at her Return to the sensual and feral stirrings of the Phoenix Pack as a woman who’s already bound to one man is tempted by a wolf who’s bound only to his nightly desires Cat shifter Mila Devereaux can’t help but see it as a betrayal That her one true mate imprinted himself on another female was hard enough to accept Struggling to be at peace with her loveless fate she doesn’t fight the suggestion of entering an arranged.
The Lamp from the Warlocks Tomb The Harlem Hellfighters To Open the Sky Ендимион (Хиперион,

TsBook four Dark InstinctsBook five Savage UrgesBook six Fierce ObsessionsBook seven Wild Hunger Oh how I love this author and anything she writes I am a huge fan of shifters vampires and demons and so you can imagine my giddiness the day I discovered Suzanne Wright s books I have been a stalker fan ever sinceWriting this review is a bit double for me This is the 8th and last book in the Phoenix Pack series after all and I am not bored yetnot by a long shot No matter how much I have wanted to read Dominic s book ever since book 1 I am a bit sad now that I am done I am not ready to say goodbye These people are all like family now if my family consisted of big bad broody alpha wolves that is P Thankfully Suzanne has stated at the end of this book that we will be seeing all our favorites again They will have cameos in the new and pcoming series Olympus Pride And I also have Shard of Frost to look forward too and new books in the Dark in You series So no time to be sad really As I have said I have been a bit in love with Dominic since meeting him in Feral Sins I just knew that this incredible flirt would find an even incredible mate Butnot a true mate I liked thata lot We have had all sorts of mates in this series and most of them were true ones but I am thankful that Dominic s story was different They really made the decision to be together without fate or whatever deciding for them I mean Mila s true mate was right Dark Angel Sounding under her nose and she could have fought for him if she wanted tobut she didn tShe didn t want to be with someone who was in love with another not even if they were technically made for each other She chose for herself and her choice was DominicThis one was definitely another favorite of mine and I can t wait to read Elliot s story in Shard of Frost which is gonna be out about the same time this book is I highly recommend this series and all the others by this author An ARC was provided to in exchange for an honest review You going to run Untamed Delights is the eighth book in The Phoenix Pack Suzanne Wright has done it again by offeringp another fantastic shifter book full of passion romance and non stop action Will I ever get sick of these paranormal couplings NEVER Cat shifter Mila Devereaux has suffered great loss after her true mate has imprinted on another After deciding the best course of action for her is to move away and re start her life she meets the man who will rock her world Dominic a pack enforcer has never been a man to back down from what he wants and he wants Mila I m not afraid of commitment baby If this takes Babel 17 us somewhere good all the better Told in multiple POV Untamed Delights is another MUST READ for shifter lovers everywhere With drama suspense intrigue and smoking hot passion this is one read you will not want to miss This is the only place I want to be I ve never wanted never needed anything the way I do you Overall I will never get enough of Suzanne Wright and her shifter romances Her strong characters and the world in which they live is one place that I will simply never get enough ARC graciously provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit 4 STARS I ll bet you re one of those guys who gives his cock a name I call mine the truth The truth Because women can t handle it Finally my favorite goofball of the Phoenix Pack gets a book and he did NOT disappoint Dom has been one of my absolute favorite secondary characters in this series The man can deliver a cheesy pickp line like no other As it happens my Alpha is considering having me committed Especially since I keep claiming my watch is magic But it really is She gave him a droll look Is that so Oh yeah He glimpsed at his watch According to this you re not wearing nderwear Her brows drew together Actually I am Really Hmm Frowning he tapped the watch Must be an hour fast But I d be lying if I didn t admit I was a little afraid to read his book because of this While Dom was great in small doses I wasn t sure how the author would pull off an entire book that may be full of his goofball tactics So color me surprised when I learned that
Dom Is Easily One Of 
is easily one of most multi layered characters I ve read in this series Seriously y all the man s layers have layers and they re DEEP You think you know him but there s a wealth of pain that he keeps hidden nder the goofball facade And if you think you know what that pain is you couldn t be wrongIf there s one thing that I love about Suzanne Wright it s her ability to deliver some of the sassiest and feistiest heroines ever And when it comes Mila she was no exception I "Love The Cute And Fluffy Yet Vicious "the cute and fluffy yet vicious of the pallas cats and Mila was awesome This woman can kick some serious a and look adorable doing it The story definitely didn t disappoint either Both Mila and Dom had a super intriguing story line First with Dom s love em and leave em past coming back to really bite him on the butt And Mila dealing with the fallout of meeting her true mate but after he falls in love and imprints on her cousinIn true Wright fashion there s plenty of sizzle in this ick paced and action packed romance Dom and Mila together were incendiary I loved watching him really have to work for a female for once And Mila sure mad him work This is a woman that doesn t give in easily but when she does FIREWORKSIf you ve been eagerly anticipating Dom s book like I have been you definitely won t be disappointed with this one ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on. Tivating new catch But for the first time in his life Dominic is feeling than a fling He finds himself tantalized by a female who makes him think of forever He wants all of Mila and won’t be satisfied ntil he has itAs the passion grows wild so does the risk They’re falling in love in the shadows and secrets of their pasts And it’s threatening to destroy everything Mila and Dominic are fighting for And are destined .