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Tory to be both entertaining and educational If Art Isn T Your Go To art isn t your o to topic don t leave just yet The book still has a mysterious plot as it Negotiate the best deal goes through the recovery process of Edvard Munich s The Scream It balances between Hill s the detective life in this field of work and other art theft stories A weakness of the book is it takes some time toet into If you are waiting for the plot to develop it doesn t occur right away Rather the first half is heavy towards the art s history Going along with this is the detail the author Building Your Network Marketing Business goes into on the artworks This can be a pro or con depending on the reader s interests I think the book has many strengths that I covered previously In conclusion I believe the book is a hit or miss depending on the reader but worth a shot if you are looking for a read Onvan The Rescue Artist A True Story of Art Thieves and the Hunt for a Missing Masterpiece Nevisande Edward Dolnick ISBN 60531177 ISBN13 9780060531171 Dar 270 Safhe Saal e Chap 2005 What an incredible story This is as thrilling as some of your better fiction reads yet is all true I would love to have a beer with Charley Hill Highly recommended for anyone interested in learning about how real art detectives work I ve decided that art theft books are becoming my new thing Just finished this one up last night It was reallyood though a bit confusing at points because of all the names Maybe I was reading it too fastIt s the story of Charley Hill a Scotland Yard undercover police officer who recovered Edvard Munch s The Scream after it was stolen off Oslo museum walls in 1994 Dolnick weaves the recovery story through stories of Hill s as well as stories of other art thefts and recoveries It s suspenseful educational as well as stories other art thefts and recoveries It s suspenseful educational entertaining Loved this book the writing was engaging the stories were The Drummer Boy great etc etc Contentets 5 starsHowever the lack of any organization to the story did frustrate me a bit I am okay with even fond of stories that jump all over the place when it serves some aesthetic uirky or endearing purpose This did not The overarching story is about the theft and recovery of The Scream Dolnick also includes other anecdotes and adventures of the detective Charley Hill As a side note this does read like a compressed biography of Charley Hill than of the overall story of the Scream theft This is all well and Sacred Evil good and I thoroughly enjoyed all the narrative however it jumps around like a spastic bunny rabbit Here s a chapter about the Scream Here s 2 chapters about other thefts Oh and next we have a chapter that starts out about the Scream but ends up about a Rembrandt theft Then we pick up the Scream story again just when I have forgotten all the names and have to figure out who is a thief and who is undercoverBottom line loved it will probably reread eventually but justive me order dammit This is one of the most boring books I ve ever read I was D humiliated the Norwegian police called on the world's reatest art detective a half English half American undercover cop named Charley Hill In this rollicking narrative Edward Dolnick takes us inside the art underworld The trail leads high and low and the cast ranges from titled aristocrats to thick necked thugs Lord Bath resplendent in ponytail and velvet jacket presides over a 9000 acre estate David Duddin a 300 pound fence who once tried to sell a stolen Rembrandt spins exubera. .
Like the Dolnick book on the Vermeer forgeries this stacks up as a compendium of art world scam and theft alongside of the central thread which is about the Munch s Scream theft This time out though the compendium aspects outweigh the central thread and by a long The real value of book is in asides the the book is in the asides the the sidebar items There depth of the research really shows in spite of an overdeveloped appreciation of the main character who obviously charmed the author to pieces the Scotland Yard investigatorWhile it sounds like therefore the book isn t worth the read well no it s very worth it It s not any less fascinating just because it s a thin story to hang the wealth of info fromAs mentioned elsewhere there is something of a kinship in the creation of art and the forging or theft of art Both are a kind of Confidence Game These similarities are brightly underlined in this book and the Vermeer title if you re intrigued by the relationship I recommend you read both books which are really like two volumes of the same study It had a reat story but there was too much language After looking through the reviews of The Rescue Artist on Goodreads there seemed to be mixed feelings about this book The majority were positive as the book was an average of 377 out of 5 stars This number proves this book is a Hells Diva II good read since the average cumulated from over 2600 reviews Since the book brings different elements together like the Winter Olympics famous paintings and crime mysteries I agree with Kendra whoave the book 55 stars Other reviews mentioned how involved they felt in the reading and seemed to et a ood idea of who Charley Hill is On the other hand some readers didn t vibe with this book After The Candy Shop going over some of the 15 star reviews a similarity seemed to be the unnecessary depth the author took on the art pieces themselves One went to the extremity of calling this one of the most boring books ever as the author went into too much detail on the paintings According to one reviewer Caroline it was areat story but had too much language I believe if art history is not your cup of tea then this book is not for you It is unfair to critiue this book if the topic itself isn t something that interests you Some reviewers followed my idea as they simply put the book down since it wasn t Archangel's War getting the juices flowing Overall the people had mainly pleasant remarks about The Rescue Artist however there will always be the haters The type of reader who would be most interested in this book would be either a history buff artistic person or mystery lover these three categories sum of the book s theme I ll start by combining history with art since this book features many world famous pieces of art Anyone intrigued by old paintings will love this book as as mentioned earlier the bookoes into fine detail about each painting s past It adds just enough art his. The little known world of art theft is compellingly portrayed in Dolnick's account of the 1994 theft and recovery of Edvard Munch's iconic painting The ScreamIn the predawn loom of a February day in 1994 two thieves entered the National Gallery in Oslo They snatched one of the world's most famous paintings Edvard Munch's The Scream and fled with their 72 million trophy The thieves made sure the world was watching the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer began that same morning Baffled an. Astinated by the first chapter describing in detail how the famous painting The

scream was stolen 
was stolen the National Museum in Norway I managed to stay with the rest of the book only because I wanted to find out if the painting was recovered and how Unfortunately the author kept backtracking and side stepping oing into incredibly tedious detail about other famous paintings that had been stolen To save my sanity I had to finally skip some of the pages toward the end because the story just Wasn T Getting Anywhere t Norse Mythology getting anywhere caught up with it in the last couple of chapters and didn t feel I d missed anything important Glad it s over I have always been fascinated with art heists and this book covers mostly one of the infamous ones A lot of the information as well as coverage of other notable thefts and personalities I have read about before but still there were interesting tidbits and material I was unfamiliar with At times I felt the text was padded and could have been streamlined but overall I enjoyed the book Non fiction as engaging as areat novel Dolnick introduced me to a fascinating world of which I knew nothing the world of art crimes and art rescues The Scotland Yard real cop Charles Hills an unusual person with a fascinating past and outlook to life and his mission in it was a pleasure to meetThe book is mainly about the theft of one of the four Scream paintings the most famous of the four copies by Munsh and its recovery Along the main event Dolnick takes some detours in some chapters to include past cases in which Hills recovered art and a bit of the history of how art thefts have changed across the centuriesThe book has two sections with Find Me generous pictures of some of the works and people mentioned in it I loved to see how those villains and cops look like as well as the works of art they managed to stealI was transported to Oslo and London and also to the minds of these peculiar people from art dealers of dubious reputation to true mafiososangsters thugs of different nationalities and flavorsIf anything the book is a bit heavy on language but if someone talks like that it won t be fair to edit the person s talk right Another fascinating factor in the book is the AmericanBritish accents Charles Hills has to maneuver back and forth depending who he is impersonating and his act needs to be natural so he had a couple of difficult situations when the wrong idiom slippedI recommend it I m Unhappy Birthday Grumpy Cat going to continue reading by this author He seems to deliverood non fictionI have to say that between those two books The Clockwork Universe was better Dolnick maybe because of his science background was amazing explaining why when and how calculus came to be discovered He managed to explain difficult concepts without making any part of the book dry or difficult to followHe has a new title coming up in June The Seeds of Life It sounds like a perfect summer reading to Nt tales of his misdeeds We meet Munch too a haunted misfit who spends his evenings drinking in the Black Piglet Café and his nights feverishly trying to capture in paint the visions in his head The most compelling character of all is Charley Hill an ex soldier a would be priest and a complicated mix of brilliance foolhardiness and charm The hunt for The Scream will either cap his career and rescue one of the world's best known paintings or end in a fiasco that will dog him forever.
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