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For JoshuaAn Ojibway Father Teaches His Son

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Art deeply I finished reading it with tears and smiles and started right back at the beginning In total I read it two and a half times before passing it on to someone who needed to read it than me This book rises to near the top of favourite books of all time Perhaps that is because I am yearning for any connection to my own heritage as an Indigenous person having been raised very much as a white product of colonialism Perhaps it was because I saw his pain and could relate parts of his story to parts of my own Either way a beautiful mix of personal trauma healing self discovery and traditional teachings and old story So now "I m on to another of his books Hiy Hiy RW Hiy "m on to another of his books Hiy Hiy RW Hiy I am profoundly moved This soul bearing blend of memoir and indigenous teachings doesn t shy away from Wagamese s struggles with displacement self doubt and addiction Some scenes are heartbreaking some are enraging but all are full of honesty and wisdom This should be reuired reading for all Canadians as part of our journey to Truth and Reconciliation This is an elouent impassioned confession by an aboriginal father to his son who is wanting to shed light on the life he
led It is a heart admission of his failures and a glorious affirmation of survival It probably should be read in tandem with One Native Life for it fills in some of the backstory to it but as a stand alone book it works just fine This one was written about 5 years before ONL and whereas ONL emerges as a series of meditations this one is a straight line from there to here how he became so damaged and how he healed himself A really beautiful story Even if you don t know how to even spell Ojibway off the top of your head you ll be able to relate to this story about discovery because everyone has lost someone or something they miss with a longing that is deep and blue and cold Wagamese 223Wagamese struggles to nderstand his identity as an Ojibway man Passed from foster home to foster home and then into a loving but ill fitting adoptive family his searching for roots becomes virtually impossible Then Wagamese discovers the soothing tides of alcohol As he s washe A story that brings you back to your roots to nature and to what matters in the bigger picture His struggle is incredible and frustrating to me but some of his messages really went straight to my heart and revived my spiritual side a little bit Aside from enjoying his poetic but clear style of writing a couple times it made me stop and think about what I m truly grateful for why certain things make me feel angry and Les Sirènes de Bagdad unworthy in my life and how toltimately live meaningfully This book is eye opening It provides the reader with a lot of reflection and things to take with them while they go about their day Wagamese especially gives the reader a glimpse into an *alcoholic s life along with being Native I loved what Wagamese had to share about the Nativewhite man s * s life along with being Native I loved what Wagamese had to share about the Nativewhite man s regarding the making of Canada beautiful honest and reflective voice was silenced this March but lives on through the amazing books published by Richard Wagamese His writing reflects his struggles with loneliness belonging alcoholism and homelessness I am sad tha. Ootedness people looking for acceptance without offering reciprocal respect and people longing for love without knowing how to offer it And Morbid Anatomy underneath all lurks the seductive oblivion of substance abuse These are the pitfalls of his own life dangers he hopes his estranged son Joshua will be able to navigate with the guidance afforded by this heartfelt memoirRichard Wagamese has no easy answers His ro. I spoke of nothing I had no stories noality that made the life I d lived p to them compelling or entertaining but I was fixed on everything that was said that night One by one we heard about life Canadian life And if there was one thing than any other that made all those words memorable for me it was the sameness The geography might have been different and the fabric of the lives a varied texture but the sameness The geography might have been different and the fabric of the lives a varied texture but was a feel *To Every Story That * every story that itself in the tale that followed it Back then I called it sameness now I call it kinship p 109 I thought about the rain I d endured It had shown me that the gifts of the world the wind rain snow heat humidity all work to a purpose Beforehand I could only see the discomfort they caused me My discomfort led to being critical complaining about the lack of comfort in my life I saw now that it was always going to be either too hot too cold too wet too dry too dark too bright or not enough of any of them The rain like the ants before them was telling me that I am a part of Creation whether I like what s happening or not My purpose like that of all Creation is to continue Creation is intent on continuing towards its best possible fulfillment of itself because that is the reason for life I saw then in that tree in the rock and the rain that I needed to continue on towards the best possible fulfillment of me the best I can possibly be despite what was going on around me The rain taught me that and I was thankful p 135 That s what makes s Ojibway people the knowledge that the land is a feeling and sensing it in the soles of our feet p 214 As parents and teachers we need to tell our children this that you can never be less than who you were created to be You never have to alify You never have to prove yourself You "JUST NEED TO BE P 220 FOR JOSHUA BY "need to be p 220 For Joshua By Wagamese was wow wow wow wow The book is non fiction and is written as a letter to Wagamese s estranged son The book is written in a similar way to Untamed by Glennon Doyle in that it is a mix between explaining learned philosophies story telling and poetically sharing feelings Unlike Untamed however this book really resonated with me Wagamese did SUCH an amazing job of explaining his emotional and philosophical processes by talking about his own journey as well as by telling proverbs from his Ojibwa culture While reading it did not feel like you were being preached at but so like you were going on a spiritual journey with the author This book was made even interesting to me as I was a HUGE fan of Wagamese s novel The Keeper n Me It was fascinating to learn about the man behind the writing Both books contain similar themes which include the human need for community the significance of spirituality and importance of being connected to one s culture If you are of a fan of fiction I would say read The Keeper n Me first but if you are a fan of memiorself help I would read For Joshua first This book is also an excellent companion to From the Ashes in that it offers another window into the traumas that indigenous Canadians This book ripped me open I was given this book as a gift and was reading it when Richard passed away His passing hurt my he. Celebrated Ojibway author Richard Wagamese shares the traditions and teachings of his people entwining them with an account of his own life long struggle for self knowledge and self respectRichard Wagamese stares the modern world in the eye and takes careful note of its snares and perils He sees people coveting without knowing why people looking for roots without nderstanding what might constitute T I will never get to meet this humble man who bravely shared his life and helped others through his prose His books are Canadian treasures which should be celebrated by all Canadian sfor JOSHUA is a memoir written to teach his estranged son about his own troubled past what he had learned and to guide him in the important tradition and The Medicine Wheel It ends with a heartfelt letter to Joshua noting that he does not know if he will ever read it or if they will meet again but that the book belongs to him It is painful at times to nderstand how his life experiences led It is painful at times to nderstand how his life experiences led to self destructive choices and dysfunction yet also influenced his impactful storiesWagamese describes his 4 day vision Idaho uest As he sits in a circle with only nature for company he ponders his life through days nights rain and pests He has no food has only a limited amount of water and has a with a blanket for warmth and shelter He ponders his past and describes his traumatic childhood when he was separated from his family his siblings his culture and land to live with a white family in Southern Ontario Before long I settled into silence I began to notice that silence wasn t really silence at all As I sat there looking around observing I could hear things I had never heard before voices of the world that I d been deaf to noises and shifts of sound that filled all of the great space around me He shared the hardships of homelessness dulled by alcoholism as he drank whatever he could get his hands on lapsing intonconsciousness to forget his pain and loneliness Wagamese did not sugar coat his past he admitted that he had a grade 9 education that he had lived Batter Off Dead Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery under bridges and openly shared that he was incarcerated forsing a stolen credit card He spent time at the Burtch Correctional Centre which "was a detention centre just outside my own community Interesting to note "a detention centre just outside my own community Interesting to note Burtch lands have recently been remediated and returned to Six NationsHe was brutally honest about how difficult it was to stop drinking and to accept himself as a drunk He slowly came to nderstand the importance of the Ojibway culture and his connection to the landDespite his pain substance abuse and hard living he wrote beautiful stories He would spend time in libraries even when he was homeless reading and listening to music He sought out teachings to learn about his culture He worked in radio and wrote novels I would sneak off to the library and spend hours reading books Reading always filled that emptiness for me and so I became voracious I read history geography politics architecture astronomy anthropology sociology fiction poetry and books on art film and music It is sad that Canada has lost Richard Wagamese but his spirit lives on through his writing I *Have Read A Few Of * read a few of novels and his memoirs and each time learn about his experience Canada and myself Our book club has decided to read books by this author for the month of July We will all choose our own book and discuss a selection of his writing We read books and often do not think about the people who wrote What we re their lives like what struggles they had How they overcame them if they did The two books I have resd by this Ad to self knowledge has been long and treacherous and it is in part this series of trials that has furnished him if not with a complete set of answers then at least a profound nderstanding of the Stacys Sexy Threesome The Stacy Series uestions Again and again Wagamese bringsniversal problems into astonishingly sharp focus by sharing the special wisdom of Canada’s First Nations while reminding Twilight's Serenade us that we are not so different after al.

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