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Ook is factual and accurate of the man Walt Disney doesn T Even Really even really matter me What I loved about this book was THAT YEAH IT WAS PRETTY SUGARY yeah it was pretty sugary the man though I don t think it hid all of his flaws and in those chapters and paragraphs I loved the book even But none of it matters because whoever Walt was he s inspired people to live their lives a certain way and to do their best to be better and happier people I ve never been happier in my life than when I was standing on the breezeway at the Contemporary resort proposing to my now fiancee or standing with her her sister and my younger sister in front of Cinderella s Castle watching the fireworks show Wishes Walt has iven me through his creations and the creations of artists and Imagineers inspired by his work some of the best memories of my life So I loved that I ot to honor him in some small way by reading about his life well the walt disney s personal life was something tragic but satisfying to know what he went through like every one else in this world he had his ups and downs but had a lot downs then every thing like hi s first comic failing his strike at his company and many other things Every Disney fanatic must own this book I thought I knew a lot about Walt Disney s life but this book taught me a reat deal An absolutely wonderful book full of memories and anecdotes about Walt and his creations A Warren Dragon Scary Sleepover great read that I think would appeal even to non Disney fan. Were interviewed including friends employees and historians adversaries and rivals and most especially family members who add a special private contest to a very public wo. Nty five books within the calendar year of 2012 when I pick up a book that s been on my Currently Reading shelf onoodreads for about two years a book that I haven t really been avoiding but that I just needed a nudge in the right direction to finally Tales of Fosterganj get around to reading Iot that nudge and with that I ot what is currently my favorite book that I ve read so far this year nearly halfway through the year and I m sitting at thirty six books read almost halfway complete on my challenge Here s the thing there s almost no way I wasn t oing to love this book I M A Huge Disney m a huge Disney and I m a big believer *In Living My Personal Life In Ways *living my personal life in ways Walt Disney described Which sounds kinda creepycultish and while I m no where close to worshipping at the Altar of Walt he has some choice uotes that I think are Now Its Just Us Wrong Girl good philosophies to live your life by Trust in your fellow man Having a bad day Smile it ll make everything better Do your best to accomplish your dreams don t let anything stand in the way of your dreams Allood ideas to live by and all of those things weigh on my mind and remind of how I should live by and all of those things weigh on my mind and remind of how I should living when I m at my favorite place in the world Walt Disney WorldBut Doug you say All of this is just what the Disney marketers want you to believe want you to think so you ll buy tickets to their very expensive theme park and o to every movie they release within the year Could you be right Maybe probably even All I know whether this Rds of those who knew and studied Walt Disney provides the most revelatory protrait to date of the man who has become an icon of American culture More than 70 men and women. Inside the Dream The Personal Story of Walt Disney

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