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Note to self copy from Al I only to finish A mystery with the otherworldy surrounds the disappearance of a rising musician laced with the otherworldy surrounds the disappearance of a rising musician a ournalist once very close to the musician finds herself drawn into the mystery when the highly placed in the music industry come knocking on her door suspecting she s the keeper of secrets they don t want released The mystery turns into a uest when Jay finds herself on a Silver Matilda journey which takes her to other realms where lost souls ripped apart by a career in entertainment gather seeking sanctuary while the forces seeking to oppose the industry try using those caught in the middle as pawns Jay peels away layer by layer of what s happening facing a number of allies and enemies even as everything she sees as real comes into uestion This was a story where Dex has made it He’s a rock star adored by his fans for his integrity and by his record company for his phenomenal sales Jay a musicournalist with a talent for spotting bullshit is not so impressed When they meet and fall in love they are both taken by surprise Jay so.

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Thin AirXpect Thi Thin Gruel could be the title modern plus magic sort of in an uncomfortable mishmash of people whom I would not have liked even if some of them were not closet EEEVIL The attractive enough guy on the cover suckered me in plus the fact that it was free in the local little free library and it didn t live up to what I thought it might be She seems better at Wraethu stuff complete fantasy worlds I have again dipped into my old favourites file on kindle This is a stunningly written book which is both emotional and Haunting The Mix Of Despair And Hope The mix of despair and hope a sudden disappearance of a rock star told from his girlfriends point of view is made poignant by the fact that at the time this was written the Lead Singer Of The Manic Street Preachers singer of The Manic Street Preachers gone missing never to be found Storm takes the. Months and Jay can go no further with her grief Dex becomes an uncomfortable memory the ex–boyfriend she can’t mention to her ealous new lover Then Jay hears rumors that Dex has been spotted and she finds herself drawn inexorably back into the dark heart of his worl. Dark supernatural cabal and a haven created by human dreams take on a life of their own in reaction to the ruthless restrictive cliue ish atmosphere depicted in a slice of reality embodied by Jay and the various characters she meets on her uest Jay her missing lover her friends enemies and the lost souls she meets are fleshed out yet feel somehow hollow reflecting the world they re the lost souls she meets are fleshed out yet feel somehow hollow reflecting the world they re caught in Taking on the Feel Of A Modern Fairytale Along With of a modern fairytale along with modern fantasy story a slice of life and a mystery this is a heady genre cocktail which draw attention to a fast moving harsh reality which casts reflections of sunlight shadow lurking terrors and hopes on the other worlds which touch upon it As with all Storm Constantine s tales the book you start reading is not uite the one that finishes If you On gets used to Dex’s occasional disappearances his violent arguments with other band members his bouts of depression When Dex disappears once she’s not particularly concerned But as the days turn into weeks she realizes she may never see him again The weeks turn into. ,
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