(Free E–pub) [Life Is Like a Sailboat Selected Writings on Life and Living from The Philadelphia Inuirer]

Olivier Messiaens Opera, Saint Francois dAssise pBefore there was Marley and Me there was a newspaper columnist by the name of John Grogan This book is a collection of his columns from the Philadelphia Inuirer He tackles topics that are rather Philadelphia centric but informative and entertaining to read and in some cases might apply to other areas of the US as wellGreat read for those that are looking for something lighter in content or uick reads Great tales of life with closer reflections on Philadelphia Poignant and heartwarming as well asrovocative Another airport read Enjoyable collection of short articles Some light hearted some less so Some great columns but a few that haven t aged as well This was a urchase I never regretted I found the stories funny heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking There was even one I could not bring myself to listen to the entire story I found it too to listen to the entire story I found it too to finish But I found this a erfect book for listening to on a summer s evening while the fireflies are just coming out and my dog is rolling in the grass enjoying himself Kudos to John Grogan and John Larrouette narrator for a splendid job On This Fine Work this fine work book is snippets of John Grogan s newpaper articles A bit jumbled in Human Monsters presentation with noarticular order for the subject content Absolutely fantastic This book was an entertaining read Funny gripping it makes you want to read on I was so amazed at how humorous a book like this is and how it can actually make me Laugh Out Loud The book was filled with its depressing sad stories as well When any newspaper The Hollywood Book of Death publishes stories of the deaths of children andor loved ones I get a searingain of guilt that I am Still Living While These People living while these My Notorious Gentleman (The Inferno Club, people I have never even met had to die in terrible ways The dull sense of loss that firmly grabs the attention of any reader is like when a character in a movie or book dies even if that character is entirely fictional As readers we feel sad and have an emotion that coincides with loss The difference here is that this book is all real A Non fiction that depicts realeople and real events For the Willowgrove (Hemlock, people who have died within theages of this book I thought about what you may have looked liked how your voice might have sounded and how your life went and what was going on as it came to its untimely and tragic demiseThe events. From John Grogan author of the New York Times bestsellers Bad Dogs Have More Fun Marley and Me and The Long Way Home comes a new collection of than eighty newspaper articles from the Philadelphia Inuirer written when he was a columnist there In Life Is Like A Sailboat John Grogan shows us al. Life Is Like a Sailboat Selected Writings on Life and Living from The Philadelphia InuirerThe lost catThe story was written on April 4 2003 and is on age 62 of this book under the section titled AnimalsFelix was a cat who was lost at the airport in Philadelphia and never found I don T Know If He Has Since Then know if he has since then story was written in 2003 but I found out about it 2 days agoThe airport had AGAIN made a mistake with baggage handling and Felix was caught up in the mistake His owners were devastated and I was too To have a loved one vanish at the mistake of strangers it makes my blood boil The owners of Felix must have had a lot of mercy within them to avoid strangling the baggage handler who royally f ed upI wanted to vomit when I discovered that the Airline company soon began to forget about Felix and shrugged it off as no big deal I would be so issed if that was cat I can t get over the laziness and lack of support that airport has given after how ever long it wasI would sue but even that wouldn t bring Felix backIf a child was lost at an airport everyone one would be all over it was lost at an airport everyone one would be all over it as long as it takes to locate the child and reunite them with the familyIn the column it clearly stated that Pets are family too so where is the determination to find FelixThe night after I read Felix s story I couldn t sleep it was too ainful to think of a lost cat in a big airport and never to be found than a year laterI rattle my brain wondering what happened and how it could happen I wish I knew the answers I crave I hugged my own cats and went to sleep still uneasy for another couples lost family member Talk about caring readersI was entertained all the way through this book and one day hope to own it I think everyone should take a swim in John Grogan s ideas and thoughts we might all learn something I certainly did I really enjoyed all of the short stories in this collection of what seems to be editorial articles from the journalist for the Philadelphia Pennsylvania newspaper A lot of the stories were a little lost on me since I don t live in this area but so many of them span across location ethnicity or upbringing and speak to the reader I only wish newspaper writers would do this If you live in Philly I d go and buy this Listening to the audio An Enjoyable collection of John Grogan s newspaper columns No Five Times Revenge particular order or format but really enjoyed his writing. Telemarketers to the Ira War coming home to a small town in Pennsylvaniatheseieces are filled with insight and sensitivity laced with humor and understanding In his own very uniue way John Grogan makes all of us feel connected to each other and less like strangers living in a strange land. That occurred in this Such As September 11th And as September 11th and Indian Ocean tsunami I understood the words that John Grogan used to define these events and what it did to our views and beliefs He says That Day You know where you were and I know where I was We always will Grogan g 23I find this to be very true and I clearly remember everything about that day and getting the news and watching it LIVE on TV I was only 9 years old thenSome kids on the Splish, Splash, Splat! plane that hit the Pentagon were 11 If they were alive today they would be 20 Perhaps getting a great college or University education maybe married and starting their own family Sadly we will never knowThe tsunami was an event I remembered well also The day after Christmas what child could forget especially when a tsunami wipes away islandsThe stories of John sersonal life were a great interest to me because I have read his other books Marley and Me which showed me 13 years of his life and The Longest Trip Home which documented his upbringing his meeting of his wife and beyond Marley and Me itself These articles tied up loose endsOnce again John Grogan was able to capture the world in his eyes and write down what mattered to him about it and the The Alice Network: A Novel people who call it home I have never been so interested in the life of someone who I have never met inerson and only know through 3 other books I have read The stories or rathercolumns were so intriguing and entertaining to read I felt as if I was living the life of the Looking For Miracles people described within each story I could see smell taste touch what s the last sense Hear that s it I could hear John s voice reading the events out loud Then when othereople were uoted I imagined what they sounded like what they looked like if descriptions were not given and trying to remember what my life was like during the times of the columnsThese stories brought out some of my raw emotions I distinctly remembering the feeling of intense fear with the idea of getting old and becoming a vegetable like Brooding Angel poor old DaisyThe stories got me really thinking and taking life as it comes Enjoy every single waking moment Even as you slumber dream of happiness and life goes wellSome stories brought back memories like where I was at the time of 911 or the Amish school shootingOne story seared my soul the one of Felix the cat. L sides of the human conditionpieces that reflect his uniue understanding of the crazy uilt world we inhabit From the fragility of life almost gone in an instant at a crosswalk to avoiding the shoals of adolescence to cellhones driving us to distraction as we drive to turning the tables on.