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The Ocean BetweenArd to reading of her work in the future Absolutely wonderful A great love story Id be as mad as Victoria if my dad did what her dad did great book Id read it again 425 StarsWhen Victoria Ballard father sets Out To Make A Deal He Could to make a deal he could have chosen a better person to deal with than Prince Rashid Davar known for his fairness and forward thinking when it comes to the development of his country however when it comes to sorting out the mess he has made for his daughter Rashid may just the mess he has made for his daughter Rashid may just p being the devil rather than prince charming Victoria is a go getter never one to have been limited in what she can do and how far she can go to suddenly find out that she was married to Prince Rashid Davar is just about the lat straw victoria has her life just where she Victoria has her life just where she it career check finances in tack check owns her own home check and she has now set plans in motion to fill her life with four beautiful kids and to now find out that some wacky plan that her father and some man she has never met has cooked Die Welt von Gestern Erinnerungen eines Europäers up has trapped her so does not sit well with her Rashid is a man of action and takes the necessary step to bring his princess home even if it means kidnapping The princess inestion is not having any of it and she aims to fight tooth and nail to go back to all she wants in her life THE OCEAN BETWEEN was such a sweet and fun read for me on so much level Some of my first sets of books were of sheiks and princes riding across desert sands to get the girl This prince that Coker introduces me to is not all about the jet set life he knows how to be there for his people and do what he has to do to ensure that his region remains prosperousI love the prot. Letion of her well designed life plan But life is a nasty trickster and it's about to spring one on her Unknown to Victoria PRINCE RASHID DAVAR has just completed a marriage contract with her father However what the. ,

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This was a wonderful love story The characters and places felt so real I could not put this book down It kept my attention from the beginning till the end Which of course I did not want it to end I would tell everyone whom loves this type of book to read it Will be one of my all time favorites Victoria Ballard is a vice president in her father s company She has no need for men not that she doesn t them but they don t fit into her life She but they don t fit into her life She her free time at a local orphanage and she is in the process of adopting four childrenVictoria s father is dying from lung cancer but he keeps it a secret from Victoria He wants to make sure she is protected after he is gone so he marries her by proxy to Prince Rashad Davar She refused to go willingly so he kidnaps herRashad is sed to being obeyed and getting what he wants He may desire and want Victoria but he cannot control her It s a battle of wills and it s entertaining to say the least Neither one will bend Victoria refused to be anyone s property and not be thought of as an eual Rashad can t believe she would be so rude and humiliate him before his people with her antics Before the two can be together they must bend or they will break and bring each other devastating painThe Ocean Between is a sensual and riveting romantic read Victoria and Rashad Come From Completely come from completely different worlds and Lynda Coker does a fantastic job of depicting them moving within both with their hardships and triumphs I cheered for the couple and I cried for them Such emotion is truly only wrought from a wizard with words and storytelling This is the first novel I have read from Lynda Coker but I will look forw. Victoria Ballard a New York financial executive is one woman who considers men to be an nnecessary bother and annoyance With her career on track she focuses on the adoption of four beautiful orphans a crowning comp. .
Ags in this book Rashid was such a arrogant little so and so and I loved him but the star of this show was definitely Victoria she was a heroine that was determined not to go down without a fight and she along with some pretty determine support cast gave as good as they got and I enjoyed meeting them She was not only argumentative feisty and determined to have the last word but she also had a heart of gold when it comes to The People She Loved Ms people she loved Ms backed Das Parfum Die Geschichte eines Mörders up these two people with some fun support cast and I laugh out loud at some of the antics and theatrics that they getp Fun Fun funThis storyline is nothing new but I do like the feel that Coker brings to this tale I could feel the emotion between Rashid and Victoria the situations she puts them in and the challenges she had them facing only highlighted the strength of these charactersAs much fun as I had with this books there is an aspect of this book that I found frustrating as a woman and reminds me of one of the reason why I loved and hated the princes and princess sort of plot I thought the author dealt with it in due course and with style and eventually made me enjoy the HEA that was due to these twoIf you are looking for a read style and eventually made me enjoy the HEA that was due to these twoIf you are looking for a read made me enjoy the HEA that was due to these twoIf you are looking for a read pure romance emotional heavy with an array of characters that are determined to take you over for the few hours you spend with them THE OCEAN BETWEEN is the book for you This is the story of a female executive who adopts four orphans Her father signs a marriage contract with a prince and then the trouble starts I am a fan of romance reading but this was a sub par plot This is not a book I would recommend Would have been better if it were believabl. Prince does not realize is that it is easier to marry a woman than it is to control one She may be his wife but it will take a kidnapping a battle of wills and some desert heat of his own before he can claim her lo.