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Fling and Other Stories oThe piano actually responds It communicates through snippetsf songs Black hearted Woman Why Do Fools Fall in Love Let It Be and so Roger Williams Lives and Legacies on Laura is surprisingly unfazed by this which adds even the fairytale logicf the story and uickly develops a close bond with the supernatural instrument Then people that Laura hates start dying in bizarre accidents which the story implies is being Return of the Werewolf orchestrated ha by the piano somehow I m pretty impressed that the author was able to create entire dialogues between Laura and the piano with the instrumentnly using the titles Duct Tape Discovery Workshop of songs I like the fact that there is no explanation for what the thing actually is Maybe it s haunted Maybe it s alive Maybe it s like the car from Stephen King s From aBuick 8 itnly looks like a piano but is actually something completely alienTHE DEVIL S FOOTPRINTSby Malcolm RoseA story set in the future world River Thieves of 2004 the book cameut in 1994 where a rich kid named Darren throws a huge Halloween party at his technologically advanced house while his parents are Serafina and the Seven Stars Serafina outf town Seeing as how this is a horror anthology you know someone is going to show "Up To Kill All Those "to kill all those unsupervised teenagers And seeing as how the story is called the Devil s Footprints you can probably guess whoThe interesting the story is called the Devil s Footprints you can probably guess whoThe interesting about the story is that it s inspired by a real supernatural phenomenon that Practically Green occurred in England around East and South Devon Residentsf the area awoke Fiona's Fate Black Lace one cold February in 1855 to find eerie horseshoe shaped prints running everywhere through the new fallen snow In many places the prints seemed to defy normal physics They d go right up to high stone wallsver the top then continue Drawing Realistic Pets From Photographs on thether side Other prints would go up to the walls Song for a Whale of two story houses and immediately continuen the roof The future setting is a weird addition though it seems that it was done so that the house could have an intelligent AI program that can t record the Devil Desmond and the Naughtybugs on anyf its cameras to heighten the supernatural nature Passion's Sweet Revenge of the part crasherSOFTIESby Stan NichollsOnef the most bizarre stories in the anthology The main premise is that everyone When Nights Were Cold on Earth has a human sized sentient stuffed animal as a permanent Companion that follows them everywhere and always keeps them company Problem is despite being clearly intelligent beings with theirwn individual personalities and wants Companions are treated as little than slaves and property And they re not very happy about that So yeah it s a horror version f Ted The premise sounds goofy but there is something weirdly sinister and creepy about the tale Maybe it s the imagery f giant sentient stuffed toys having dark thoughts How to Write Dazzling Dialogue of revenge Like The Piano it creates a grim very fairy tale feelingTHE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILTby Garry KilworthThisne was my favorite f the bunch The story that stayed with me all

these years and 
years and me to pick up a used copy f the book for a second lookThe story features another living inanimate The SpongeBob SuarePants Oracle object with malevolent intentions This time it s a living house that captures a lone drifter Caleb and forces him to spend several years constantly repairing and maintaining its wooden facade by cutting and preparing boards from a nearby copsef trees Every time Caleb attempts to escape he is dragged back by tough white roots part f the house itself that burst ut f the ground Like The Piano the ex. Jack Built by Garry Kilworth; The Station with No Name by Colin Greenland; The Cat Dogs by Susan PriceThey're not exactly dogs They're not really cats They ha. ,

As a kid who was bsessed with scary stories and horror in general I purchased this book at a book fair in the late nineties when I was in elementary school The reason I ve decided to review nineties when I was in elementary school The reason I ve decided to review now lo these many years later is because I returned to re read a few stories from it many times back in the day and they ve stuck with me The Art Craft of Playwriting over the intervening decades I ll focusn two ‭The strange birda Borne story of them in particular for this review no spoilers The Devil s Footprints by Malcomb Rose and The House That Jack Built by Garry Kilworth I d say The Devil s Footprints was at the time the most deeply frightening story I d ever read I still remember finishing it late at night and immediately going to sleep That night I had thene The Emotional Craft of Fiction of the most terrifying nightmaresf my life directly related to the story which I still remember vividly now than 20 years later I can t help but respect a piece The Fire in Fiction Passion Purpose and Techniues to Make Your Novel Great of fiction that had that effectn me considering I sought This Could Be Our Future out and devoured such tales for the shivery thrill they provided in the first place The House That Jack Built didn t scare me to the pointf nightmares per se but I loved it and in fact it s safe to say I m still a fan The Gift Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World of it even now It s imaginative eerie and mysterious creating a a dark Twilight Zone esue dimensionf the classic nursery rhyme from which the story takes its name Another notable is The Piano by Dianne Hoh about a supernatural piano that communicates with a girl through the titles Story and Other Stories of the songs it playsn its By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain own The title story The Cat Dogs along with Softies and The Station with No Name simply haven t stuck in my mind well enough for me to comment fairlyn them The Devil s Footprints and The House That Jack Built however are alone worth the price Crafting Novels Short Stories of admission in my eyes and I think this is a fine collection in general for young readers looking to scare themselves Nonef the stories are what I d call high literature but they re mostly good campfire stories Short sweet and unsettling The Cat Dogs is Blue Moon onef the unusual dream like YA scary story anthologies I ve read The horrors in these stories aren t clear cut ghosts werewolves vampires Andrew Jackson His Life and Times orther conventional monsters Each story in the anthology is written by a different author and thus each has a slightly different tone Based Nice Dragons Finish Last Heartstrikers on the majorityf the settings it seems like this anthology How Philosophy Works originally came from the UKHere s a run downf the individual talesTHE CAT DOGSby Susan PriceThe titular story is about a girl Liz who finds an abandoned litter Blackhawk's BetrayalBlackhawk's Bond ofdd baby animals and brings them home to her parent s farm Expecting Brand's Baby Silhouette Desire No 1463 on anld English estate The animals are something like felines and something like canines hybrids somehow Biologically impossible Naughty of course but this is horror so who s paying attention As the cat dogs getlder they get and vicious and eventually murderous The story climaxes with a slow suspenseful chase through the dark "woods as Liz and her father try to hunt down the creatures "as Liz and her father try to hunt down the creatures they can cause any death And Blood Brothers The Unseen of course they re being stalked themselves A very simple indeedne Heartache and Hope Heartache Duet of THE most basic horror plots but done very effectivelyTHE PIANOby Diane HohThisne feels like a dark fairy tale A teenage girl Laura is forced by her cruel stepmother to practice the piano for hours so that she can win a contest that will allow said evil stepmom to live in luxury As Laura sits at the bench complaining to herself. A collection f scary tales from six different authors The Piano by Diane Hoh; The Devil's Footprints by Malcolm Rose; Softies by Stan Nicholls; The House That. Act nature f the sentient dwelling is never explained though it is clearly than just a haunted houseYou actually get a good sense Beyond Marriage of the loneliness and desperation Caleb feels as he s forced to work all day every day forver two years just to keep the house in good condition The house won t allow any furniture to touch its floors so he has no bed Mystery or chairs No comfortsr distractions which is in itself pretty nightmarishTHE STATION WITH NO NAMEby Colin Greenland Considering how surreal the majority Homeland A Novel of the stories in this anthology have been the last tale is surprisingly conventional horror A graffiti artist named Mark finds anld forgotten surprisingly conventional horror A graffiti artist named Mark finds an Double Persephone old forgotten station and breaks in to cover it with his tags While exploring he runs intodd possibly delusional people wandering around the station in rotting ancient clothes It s briefly implied that they ve been inhabiting the place since the The Betrayal of the Blood Lily onsetf World War II though it s ambiguous as to whether they re ghosts r people who have somehow survived in the darkness for decades hiding from the war they still believe is going n around them As I ve said before The Cat Dogs is a weird dream like anthology It s like that feeling you get when you re lying half awake Cross of St George on the couch at 2 am and somebscure horror movie from the 80s comes n the TV and you half watch it drifting in and ut The Billionaire Daddy of consciousness so that your dreams start to meld with the snippetsf half watch it drifting in and Below the Belt Harleuin Blaze outf consciousness so that your dreams start to meld with the snippets Bride Included of Yeah just like that These six horror stories are intended for a young adult audience Though I m not a normal fanf horror stories I did enjoy these A student purchased the book and brought it into the library for me to read because she enjoyed it so much I think the book would really appeal to Cop Next Door our students who enjoy suspense For me The Piano was the haunting tale that really stuck with me This collectionf stories includes some scary tales that are aimed at teenagers but that can also be enjoyed by adultsI m really glad that when I Secrets Lies Lullabies ordered this book I didn t know that it was a young adult book Had I known that I may not have bought it from As it was I am very happy that I read this because the stories in it were excellentThe first story the title story was about a family that find this strange litterf animals not uite cats and not uite dogs abandoned in the forest They take them home and nurture them Paradox only to have them grow into these deadly killers There is a scary scenef a hunt in the forest that finishes the storyThe second story is called The Piano It s about a haunted piano that deceives a young girl into committing a string Expecting a Fortune Dakota Fortunes of crimesThe Devils footprints was a story about a monstrous beings who makes an appearance at a teens party and brings death and destruction with it It was a very suspenseful storySofties was a science fiction story about a society in which humans were bonded with Companionscute and cuddly creatures that are supposed to be their guardians and protectors But what happens when these companions start having wishes and desiresf their The Nurses Brooding BossEmergency Doctor and Cinderella ownThe final story was called The Station with No Name It was about a young gang member who decides to visit an abandoned subway station and make his mark He does but not in the way he would ve hopedThis wasverall a great collection Seducing the Colonel's Daughter of stories and I really enjoyed it from start to finish I truly thought this was a really great setf short storie. Ve teeth like a dog's and claws like a cat's They're the perfect combination Small Town Cinderella of twof Second Time Lucky our best loved pets There'snly ne problem cat dogs love to hunt human. .

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