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Indian Erotic Stories eI really didn t From the start I didn t at all like Yolanda s character I assumed that the story was traveling along the closed off and prone to roughness kid learns to open up andmpathize theme so prevalent in Newbery Honor books but Yolanda remains fairly selfish unsympathizing and unsympathetic throughout The nding was abrupt and too pat with a last minute attempt to make Yolanda seem as if she has changed although not done well nough for me to buy it There are also a few threads to the story that fail to connect by the end which leaves the whole thing feeling incomplete And then the narrator made which leaves the whole thing feeling incomplete And then the narrator made strange choices in the character voice department making one fifth grade girl sound like an old diner waitress with a decades long smoking habit StrangeAll this is too bad really because of the good things here Yolanda s little brother and his musical abilities are nicely painted specially in contrast to his struggles with reading and speaking It seems clear that he s on the autism scale and although his mother doesn t seem to want to admit that he finds a strong ally in a speech therapist at school and that relationship although not completely fleshed out is nicely portrayed Also Yolanda s family is made up of her mother and her aunt who are self made black women from Chicago and are asily members of the upper middle class there What I love about this is that it s presented as no big deal as in clearly achievable to the point that it s not something to make the focus of the story Most Middle Grade books featuring black families seem to revolve around those families living in poor neighborhoods and struggling financially and those stories are important yes but it s also important to show other possibilities and other realities to young readers of color I want them to live in a world in which successful women of color are so commonplace that that idea takes a far back seat to the rest of the story in the books those young readers read So I d like to see of this but I d also like this particular story to live up to this background setting Yolanda can see things about her brother Andrew that others can t She can see past the fact that he can t read and struggles in school She knows that he is not just making noise on the harmonica struggles in school She knows that he is not just making noise on the harmonica he carries he is making music Andrew takes veryday noises and sights and creates music to match them on his harmonica Yolanda believes he is a prodigy a genius But she can t get anyone lse to see it too When the family visits her aunt in Chicago they attend the great Blues music festival There Yolanda sees a chance for Andrew to be discovered Maybe then others will see his worthI njoyed Andrew as a character and could really feel his struggles with reading How many kids are out there just like Andrew that can t understand the reading How many kids are out there just like Andrew that can t understand the suiggles on a paper as writing but when something like music is put in front of them it all becomes clear The parts about Andrew and the skate park with the drug dealers held my interest and made me anxious for him But then they dropped out of sight and that part felt unresolvedYolanda s character was bossy and annoying There were very few ualities about her that were njoyable to read about The only part that interested me with Yolanda was her interest in the boy at the skate park but that was dropped in the middle of the book That almost made her likable I really only kept reading the whole book to find out what happens to AndrewThis was a Newbery honor book but as is the case with many of the Newbery selections it was not a book that will interest most average kids It really felt like a book that was written so that teachers could push it onto kids as have to read not Canvas: The Program Book 1 enjoy readin. Rew and she sets out to convince their mother and the world of Andrew's gift A Newbery Honor Book and ALA Notable Children's Boo. This is a great little book Yolanda is convinced that her brother is a musical genius and will not rest until her mother realizes this Yolanda is such a great character She is large smart and confidant One of my favorite scenes is when after Yolanda is teased on the bus about being as large as a whale she confronts the bully by telling him reasons why a whale is beautiful while she smashes his foot painfully with her own The author also does a wonderful job describing how Yolanda s brother Andrew converts his view of the world into music he plays on his harmonica This is a great read forvery age It was a good reminder to me to take time out of my adult world and worries to really try To Ask About And Listen To What ask about and listen to what children need me to understand about them There was a lot to love here Yolanda and her feisty spirit Moving to a new place and learning to make friends The night Yolanda and her family head out on the town when her aunt shows up Yolanda loving her brother so fiercelyWhile I can appreciate the magic of some moments I was not really loving this story I listened to the audio and I had to force myself to this story I listened to the audio and I had to force myself to listening I did not really care about Andrew and his harmonica It could be that I d just come off of reading Echo and I couldn t handle any harmonicas I would ve Orleans enjoyed this book a lot if it had focusedntirely on Yolanda adjusting to her new home Anytime the story moved to Andrew s POV I found myself losing interest and spacing out I left it at three stars because there were good things and it wasn t horrible just not my jam Harmonicas and all The first novel that I read 3 This is the book that gave me the initiative to love reading It showed me a strange but significant connection with Yolonda who was actually trying to cover her true self with her bad reputation She started off being stubborn and scornful in her new town in Chicago Then finds out that her brother who never talks much has a problem with reading He loved to play the old harmonica that their father left him He can imitate any sound he hears like bacon sizzling or Where the Forest Meets the Stars express any mood he feels like the freshness of anarly morning Yolanda understands that that s the way he talks It strikes me most when she actually saw something that neither her own mother or the teacher of his brother can the genius in her brother She sees his talent as something so special and priceless uick read I wasn t crazy about this I didn t find it all that believable Yolonda is a spunky determined girl who loves her little brother That s good What s not good is her annoying habits of lying and of overeatingeating lots of sweets It was distracting because the author insisted on mentioning very malted milk ball very chocolate bar very food cart item very Two-Minute Mysteries extra serving of pancakes that Yolonda wouldat The skinny mother never seems that concerned and she never seriously addresses Yolonda s poor behaviors The Most Important Stories of the Bible either the lying or the overeatingI did like at thend in the author s note how she shares the scenario that she witnessed which inspired this story So maybe it s not that unbelievable after all I love the protective older sibling Component Of This Story I Was Surprised of this story I was surprised see in the bio that Carol Fenner doesn t have a strong musical background Fooled me She does a nice job of describing how little Andrew understands the world through soundWe lost our daughter Holly in March to Tay Sachs Disease She was almost three years old This description of waking with sadness is true for me so many mornings since we lost our little girl she lay there and waited for it to settle or go away And while she waited Parallel Apocrypha eyes closed plump hands curved gently near her cheek two comforting sounds filled the. Yolonda is smart tough and big for her age No one messes with her Yolonda's little brother Andrew doesn't talk much and he can't. Light spaces in the air One was her ample growling for breakfast The other was the sweet sound of her little brother Andrew playing on his wooden for breakfast The other was the sweet sound of her little brother Andrew playing on his wooden He was piping his special waking up music a song he d invented all by himself Yolonda s sadness began toase away She opened her Noch Einmal Fr Jugoslawien eyes It used to be her habit to sleep until she heard Andrew s music The bright clear notes had always been her alarm clock back home in Chicago Butver since they d moved away months and months ago it was her sadness that woke her first that and the uiet This next passage describing Andrew could have been written of my Das verlorene Symbol (Robert Langdon, experience with Holly Our world with herxisted in a special place and time It went its own speed and we were unconcerned with what she couldn t do The older she got and the advanced her neurological problems became the difficult very day things became for her Every thing she did was incredibly special given how hard she worked She was a remarkable child and the sweetest and gentlest of souls I miss

You My BabyShe Stood There 
my babyShe stood there a long time her finger on genius She was so accustomed to the things Andrew could do that she never really noticed them Everyone was always concerned about what Andrew couldn t do like taking forever to learn to talk And Yolonda remembered the fuss over why baby Andrew wasn t walking Other kids his age were toddling bowlegged from chair to chair and Andrew sat sontentedly blowing sounds from his harmonica It had never mattered to Yolonda that Andrew didn t learn regular things uickly He was an angel faced serious little boy and the only person Yolonda felt great tenderness toward Different can be good and special can mean amazing never judge a book by its cover and never judge a person by their apperance This plot is kind of hard to describe Yolanda and her family move to Michigan and then Yolanda decides her brother Andrew is a genius and wants her mother to send him to a special school Her mother doesn t understand and Yolanda goes to great lengths to convince her of Andrew s giftThat s what happens in the story but it s not what this book is about It s about Yolanda adjusting to a new city and a new school making friends realizing what is important to her I LOVE that Yolanda can stick up for herself and Yoloanda The Genius is about a young girl who believes in her brothers passion in music and believes that he can make it to the big time Yolonda tries to get reporters to listen to her brother play his harmonica in which he is SO talented at She faces obstacles trying to get people to see her brothers talent not to mention they have to settle down after moving from their home town Yolanda overcomes these obstacles and finally gets people to see her little geniusYolondas brother Anthony is talented in playing the harmonica but isnt recongnized for it Yolonda and her brother have to settle down in their new town after moving because of some issues they had in their neighborhoodAfter moving a couple of bullies break Anthony s harmonica Anthony s harmonica was very special to him it was his fathers harmonica that he gave to Anthony before he passed awayYolonda tries to show the world that Anthony is a GeniusYolanda ventually shows her brothers Yolanda is big for her age but she knows how to handle herself when the whale jokes happen She s smart but surly and she doesn t really have any friends Her little brother is uiet and has trouble reading but Yolanda becomes convinced that he is a genius with their father s old harmonica so she sets out to create a scheme that will convince her mother he needs special schooling to foster his giftThere were things I really appreciated about this book but then there were others that. Read but he creates unbelievable music When Yolonda reads the definition of genius in the dictionary she knows it describes And.
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