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In France just after the end of the Napoleonic Wars and involves a young rich Englishman who falls in love with a "Beautiful But Mysterious And Unhappily " but mysterious and unhappily countess It also involves a room at the inn The Dragon Volant which has been the scene of mysterious disappearances It s Gothic schlock I normally don t mind Gothic schlock but this was predictable Gothic schlock Loaded with mystery and suspense and for anyone who likes classics in these genres the Dragon Volant can be summed up thus having a handsome and maybe also seeking a bit of adventure a young man leaves his home country to do some travels but is enraptured by a beautiful woman who causes him to become as his slave who makes him a victim of her poisons whose actions only Did Le Fanu mean for us to be surprised Perhaps the plot was innovative at the time but I found it irritating nowing what was coming while the protagonist was oblivious Not Le Fanu s best wor. Ng Heights lived from 1814 until 1873 He wrote all sorts of tales from 1814 until 1873 He wrote all sorts of tales he's best remembered as a writer of mysteries and horro. ,
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French person Beckett in contact with was in on the confidence gameA really enjoyable read from one of my new favorite authors 10 chapters in and I just can t go on I refuse to believe anyone is foolish enough to trust a random man they meet in a foreign country who warns him often not to trust strangers A fantastic tale even if you want to smack the narrator on the back of the head for being so naive A fun setup with a mysterious room in an inn that people eep disappearing from But the protagonist is stupidly gullible and delivered from the threat against him by 0% of his own ability Sheridan le Fanu is just about my favourite 19th century writer of supernatural and gothic tales The Room in the Dragon Volant is somewhat unusual for le Fanu since it s not really a supernatural tale it s not really a supernatural tale does however have plenty of gothic elements and some genuine horror and it s an ingenious and entertaining tale It s set. Oker's Dracula and A Chapter in the History of the Tyrone Family said to be the Tale That Gave Rise To that gave rise to Bronte's Wutheri. ,

I have only this to say records rock Eh Long lead in predictably the main character was being Set Up To Robbed And Murdered And Had No Suspicions up to robbed and murdered and had no suspicions in predictably the main character was being set up to be robbed and murdered and had no suspicions it whatsoever Also the paralyzing agent they slipped him that apparently stopped his lungs really bothered me He was paralyzed for over three hours and came out of it perfectly fine The only mystery in it for me was trying to figure out how many of the other characters were working together to con him The Room in the Dragon Volant By Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu was first published 1872This gothic mystery story was about a Long con of a wealthy young Englishman named Richard BeckettBeckett helps the Count de St Alyre and his younger wife the Countess de St Alyre with her exotic Violet eyesHe then is infatuated with the married woman and plans to run off with herFor most of the novel I ept trying to figure out who was in on the conAfter the Napoleonic Wars the French resented English Tou. J Sheridan LeFanu Irish author of such classics as the short vampire novel Carmella reputed to be the inspiration for Bram St. ,

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The Room in the Dragon Volant

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