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E been a five if DB hadn t been such an ass throughout the whole thing Mild spoiler view spoilerHe never even apologized really hide spoiler I enjoyed #THIS ONE A BIT THAN THE #one a bit than the I can t resist books with kids even if those kids are ghosts Plus I love Madam Yanya I o find myself wanting to

the protagonists every now and but it s not enough to land them on the somebody needs to be smacked list Jesse and DB from Eye Spy have to solve two cases a professional ones the murder of a 8 years old girl and a professional ones the fact that they can t have sex together since being Jesse a ghost he has a too ethereal physic and everytime they try to touch DB passes through Jesse like Jesse My days in Prison does with a wall The book is a light comedy the awful plot the murder of the little girl plays only a secondary level role and almost all the book is voted to Jesse and DB s relationship The two are like two male cats in the same house both of them want toominate and to have the last word But they are also in love and maybe Jesse arrived to this conclusion before DB and so now he is the most eager to find a solution DB is the classical PI Delhi Stopover detached and negative but also with a big heart well hidden behind his rude behavior He is always ready to blame Jesse for bringing him ghost clients since they are not paying customer but then he can t nevereny an help But as I said is not the suspence part of the book that characterized the plot it s the erotic exchanges between Jesse and DB and since this is not at all a normal relationship all the erotic scenes have always a funny side a creepy funny sid. Ms to eal with but they also have to figure out who killed Gwen and try to keep the killer from harming anyone else Can they solve the case and try to find a way for a man and a ghost to have a life togethe. ,
The Far Away Brothers The Forgotten Room (Jeremy Logan
With My Little EyeInteresting characters cute little story but I just wasn feeling it Private Investigator DB is back with Jesse his ghostly side kick and lover However Jesse has it Private Investigator DB is back with Jesse his ghostly side kick and lover However Jesse has habit of bringing home ghost cases which on t pay the rent and it s hard to explain to the police why he knows Things They Are Also Fighting Over Jesse Wanting To Consult They are also fighting over Jesse wanting to consult about why sometimes they can touch Shakti during sex and sometimes not When Jesse comes across the ghost Disappointing and Annoying There are moments of cuteness but they re overwhelmed by the annoying my rating wentown from 3stars as I read and the one star is for Madam YanyaThe return of Between Lives detective DB Black and his ghostly side kick Jesse We learn a little about Jesse heied at a sex party but still no full name for DBHaving read the first book I knew not to expect much from the mystery but initially it looked a promising one with the added how to explain ghostly reveals conundrum Then they forget about the little girls one Making The Minister Smile dead one inanger in order to go back to eating pizza and trying to have sexThe priority of the book is the sex and the will theywont they be able to touch it was cute in the first book but here it s the only relevancy of the characters Their angsting and honest to goodness flouncing meant they came across as twelve year old girls something they observe at 68% themselves What are we Twelve YES yes you are screamed the Meep before her kindle was confiscated and she was shown the nice white jacket with all the stapsIf Jesse was corporal he When Dreams Travel d bee petaling Regret daisies and pulling DB s pigtails He loves me he loves me not he loves meo. Private Eye DB and his ghost partner Jesse from Eye Spy are back and Jesse isealing with Gwen the ghost of a little girl The problem with ealing with ghosts is that they can't pay and that they make the

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H crap my hand went through that oneAnd then there s Ghost as in the film In the first book the borrowed theme emotion to touchhit items was easy to ignore but here we re introduced to a sassy black psychic and she phones DB about claiming his annoying ghost and Madam Yanya also being Mister Steve oesn t feel like a big Revenge and Reconciliation distinction to me I was rolling my eyesAs Whoopioes in what I recall of the film Madam Yanya steals the show being far interesting than the other charactersThe mystery is again solved by the bad guy Beyond the Border deciding to act and not through anyetecting at all And I think the two are now in looouuurve now with a psycic friend to pass notes through Also my concept of a 24 family is now altered I never #Knew The4 Refered To Ghosts Everything Is Gearing Up For #the4 refered to ghosts Everything is gearing up for this mismatched ones a ghost gay couple to adopt kiddies ghostly ones The 2nd book in the series and just as entertaining as the first Some great secondary characters come out in this one too Seuel to Eye Spy DB and Jesse are partners on and off the PI business One perk Jesse is a ghost In this book the two of them are trying to make their relationship work I mean with one of them being a ghost the sex can be well challenging DB and Jesse try to find help from a medium and at the same sex can be well challenging DB and Jesse try to find help from a medium and at the same try to work on a case of a murdered girl Again the story is plain ADORABLE Jesse feels that DB never tells him the three little words While DB thinks that everything he Sachin does including working on ghost cases is a testament on how he feels for Jesse The relationship the arguments feel so normal I just love these two so much Would hav. Olice a little crazy So when DB's new informant the medium Yanya has a fit about the cops and DB and Jesse's love life DB knows this case is going to be nothing but trouble DB and Jesse have their own proble.