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Op of all that his youngest child was born prematurely and was hospitalized "For Months And Endured "months and endured surgeriesJohn is one that has experienced a great deal of suffering in his life but he has not turned his back on God His pain from Lyme S Disease Can Keep Him Confined To Bed Or He disease can keep him confined to bed or he go into remission and go about life as usual but John never knows when the pain will strike again Through it all John relies on his Faith to get through each day He encourages others that suffer to rely on God through prayer the Eucharist and His Mother Mary In addition he has a loving family that is there with him by his side during the good times and bad it s evident that he and his wife fully understand the vows of marriageThis book was a uick read for me because I have to admit I skipped sections Throughout the book John intersperses many prayers that are written in poetic form I do most of my reading on the treadmill and I ust can t focus on that style of writing while walking I do plan to go back and read the prayers at a later timeOne thing that particularly struck me was when John talked about being there for a depressed person He encourages us to not give up even if we don t see a difference because we are showing love through our time spent together and we all need loveThis review was written as part of the Catholic books reviewer program from The Catholic Company Visit The Catholic Company to find information on Never Give Up My Life and God s Merc. E thinking of retreating into your private world of pain or if you know someone who has Never Give Up will help you see how God's fidelity the small wonders of daily life a dose of humor and the simple kindness of others can bring light into the darknes.

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Never Give UpI loved this book a little in "the beginning but overall fabulous read John had some great insights into suffering and it s good "beginning but overall a fabulous read John had some great insights into suffering and "It S Good Know That Even Our " s good know that even our during prayers is efficacious Especially toward the beginning this is the best book I ve seen on the spirituality of suffering as opposed to the theology of suffering which is of little help to its spirituality He writes from a perspective of chronic physical and mental illness starting from personal experience and making his way toward classic aspects of Catholic theology relating each to living with chronic illness It s punctuated liberally with poems he s written which I presume are good if you like modern poetry I dunno I skimmed or skimmed most of them but they didn t detract from the rest of the book soDefinitely recommended for anyone struggling with chronic anything I read the Magnificat Magazine daily which is where I first became acuainted with John Janaro s writing His writing is beautiful and silky smooth never forced The format of this book may not appeal to some people due to the interleaving proseprayer chapters However I found his heartfelt prayers uite moving When I consider the effort and length of time that this book must have taken to complete given his battle with Lyme s disease the book is uite extraordinary Anyone who has battled chronic pain will recognize a kindred spirit in this author who carries the reader through his daily struggles and an implicit theol. A personal testimony of gratitude to God who has sustained me throughout my confused distracted and often difficult life From the Introduction Some human suffering can't be fixed Maybe yours is like that or maybe you have a family member or friend in th. Ogy of redemptive suffering "The Worst Part About "worst part about book is the title Never Give Up sounds like a thousand other self help books on the shelves Read the subtitle and you will have a clearer notion of what Mr Janaro is trying to say to his readers Mr Janaro is a parent of five children an associate professor an author who lives with a disability Lyme Disease and bouts of depression His faith keeps him going and he seeks to give spiritual insights to others who face suffering and we all do at the present or will in the future Mr Janaro is deeply Catholic but his message is for people of all faiths If you have read any of the books by Joni Eareckson Tada you will probably enjoy this book as well I would call this an inspirational read It was not a memoir though we are given some basics about the author s struggles depression OCD Lyme disease There are a number of lengthy prayerful reflections formatted kind of like poems interspersed throughout And this is definitely for a Catholic audience Most Protestant Christians as opposed to Catholic Orthodox and maybe a few Anglicans would probably find some of the ponderings and "Encouragements Pretty Foreign To " pretty foreign to they believe So Never Give Up My Life and God s Mercy was written by John Janaro Never Give Up My Life and God s Mercy was written by John Janaro professor at Christendom College John has suffered from depression anxiety and OCD since childhood and then ten years ago began struggling with the debilitating pain associated with untreated Lyme s disease On At situation John Janaro's been there in fact still is there His struggles with debilitating illness chronic depression and obsessive compulsive disorder could easily bring on a massive case of self pity but Janaro has found a better way to live If you'r. ,

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