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Gothic Architecture Sculpture Painting

characters Ê eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Rolf Toman

Ty reproduction beats meThe large format coffee table publication runs to over 500 pages and is crammed with excellent photographs of buildings dating from the beginning of the Gothic Period to the RenaissanceThe buildings are testimony to the brilliance of their age They put a lie to the ridiculous notion that the medieval world was one of sualor superstition and ignorance The shift from the rounded Roman arch to the pointed Gothic arch reuired a leap of genius Erecting such slender structures before the advent of reinforced concrete reuired engineering skills of the highest orderMy sole criticism of the book is that the language is clumsy and nintelligible in places This may be the result of poor translation Perhaps the original German is at fault It is a minor ibble Five stars This tome is THE bible of gothic architecture #It Does Cover Paintings And Sculptures Of The Period As #does cover paintings and sculptures of the period as but the vast majority of pages are about architecture and chapters are split into regions from Italy to the Germanic regions Britain back down to Spain and everywhere in between taking note of the periods too If one stops to compare gothic architecture with modern Architecture There Would Be No there would be no as to whether or not the human race is devolving Browsing in the sed book room of the local library I spotted this heavy thick book filled with marvelous photography for 6 What the heck how can you beat that priceI settled back in my reading position slouched actually and begin to look at the remarkable stonework of Europe between 1150 and 1450 Realizing that I had no foundation for Cin semaines en ballon understanding what I was seeing I decided to read the entire work word for word and now 500 pages later I can look at an archivolt a tympanum aatrefoil a clerestory and yes even a flying buttress with new eyesThis book is a collection of chapters from different authors each Hic period Gothic monuments bear witness to a dynamic age when old values were being redefined often with great drama and debate Here is a richly illustrated. .

Interesting reading but I think I will get back #TO IT FROM TIME TO TIME JE L AI #it from time to time Je l ai peu moins appr ci The Thing on the Doorstep and Other Weird Stories ue sonivalent pour l art roman alors Heres to Us ue je pr f re l art gothiue par ailleurs Les photos sont tout aussi magnifiues mais le contenu estn peu moins solideMais JE PINAILLE CAR IL S AGIT TOUT DE M pinaille car il s agit tout de m d Danila Her Russian Protector un excellent manuel pour tout tudiant en histoire de l art HRV Pro itano za nastavu na faksu i kori teno seminarimaENG Read for my college classes and sed for seminars Good solid resource for Gothic architectureSuperb introduction Toman outlines the intellectuals political and social pressures in play during the development of Gothic art and architecture in particular On one hand there is Abelard Suger and St Bernard battling theology representing the intellectual monarchy and pope respectively and on the other there is the French monarchy colluding with the Church to restrain feudal powersToman s books have excellent color plates and an architectural bias Divided geographically and then chronologically to explain the transitions visually and technologically This is a real coffee table book It could sit in front of you decorative in itself and for than a year you could look at a page or two every day and marvel at the wonderful architects and buildings of the past and the at a page or two every day and marvel at the wonderful architects and buildings of the past and the photographers and their work in the present Its the kind of book that only the very very lucky get given for Christmas This is THE go to book on all things Gothic It s mostly architecture obviously but there s also a nice helping of sculpture work and paintings of the period as well The photographs are fantastic and only help you appreciate all the finer points of the movement For sheer scope this book is impossible to beat and the price keeps coming down I have seen it in bookshops for as little as 15 How it is possible to avoid a loss with such high ali. Courtly splendor and bourgeois pride religious fanaticism and ascetic seclusion from the world the search for intimacy all are mirrored in the art of the Got. ,
Specialist in hisher area Each #reveals the techniues historical setting and motivations behind the masterworks depicted While studying the French #the techniues historical setting and motivations behind the masterworks depicted While studying the French I found a great website mapping gothic that allows you the visitor to roam through all of them by way of panoramic photography where you can pan and zoom high definition images exploring details that even an actual visit might not allowI found that Googling would produce many pictures of the Gothic structures described but none to compare with those in this book The photographer Achim Bednorz is a master who brings out details in the lowest light levels He captures the huge spaces of a cathedral as easily as he does the tiny figures within an altarpiece There isn t a single photo in the hundreds presented that isn t perfectly exposed and fully revealingRepeatedly I would turn a page to be astonished by the magnificence of yet another wondrous item I had not seen before This book is a visual joyI haven t given the book five stars because the text is dense and detailed something that might deter a casual reader who may prefer simply to browse and dive in on particular items of interestThere are a few introductory diagrams to acuaint the reader with the component parts of a cathedral but I found these not detailed enough or comprehensive There is a glossary but it would be wonderful to have the parts of a portal doorway enough or comprehensive There is a glossary but it would be wonderful to have the parts of a portal doorway because the text takes the reader deeply into architectural terms where one can lose one s wayYou can t go through without being awed that these structures have survived so many centuries wars and earthuakes It s fun to Letters to Colin Firth use Google streetview to see the surroundings today particularly of the church of St Denis in Paris where the Gothic style beganThere are chapters on sculpture painting and gold work but the bulk of the book is about the cathedrals that defined the ag. Overview of the period's architecture sculpture painting stained glass and jewelry from its 12th century French origins to its early 16th century conclusion.