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OvertimeCharles Stross wrote this short story and the version I read was copyrighted in 2009 Here s the thing about first person point of view stories imho the narrator better be witty or clever or have just the right amount of snark

well merry christmas 
Merry Christmas narratorMC is just how I like my snark heavy with a strong ose of wit and a Protesting Affirmative Action dash of English cynicism This is a Christmas story but in the same way that Diehard is a Christmas movie I really enjoyed how Stross slowly reveals the strange reality we are in but then causally saunters though it like Applied Computational Demonology or precognitives are no bigeal First we re treated to a typical government office Holiday party Then but not until we re halfway through the story Stoss starts building the tension and some serious DREAD Something is coming Plain Diversity down the chimney something terrifying This short story starts well builds to the heat of a yule log and ends with a witty climax that s over too uickly like the orgasmic opening of wrapped paper gifts on Christmas morning I was going to save this for Christmas but since I have no self controlDoneOh my Bob This is a funny take on holiday traditions from childhood to office Whoever sat on the copier lid that timeid not have buttocks hairy or otherwise or any other mammalian features for that matter What I m holding looks to be the business end of a giant cockroachAgain a certain Lovecraftian charmterror whatever you want to call it Only thing missing were the Christmas crackers Original post at One More PageI think Overtime is the only Christmas themed book I have in my Kindle and I really scheduled to read it in December I have never heard of Charles Stross before BUT WHO AM I TO DENY who am I to Public Health for an Aging Society deny of a free ebook rightIn Overtime Bob Howard ends up being the night shift guard onuty on Christmas he Government Confronts Culture didn t want to but he wasn t able to file his holiday leave so he was left with no choice Bob was prepared for an uneventful night alone in his temporary office but memories of the Laundry Christmas party and some strange noises and temperaturerops tell him that something else is coming through the chimneyI have never read any books from the Laundry Series so the characters and the settings in Overtime were all new to me I was kind of wary about that and I thought I would get lost in the story but I was surprised that I wasn t While I would want a better explanation of who the oth. Introduced to readers in the novels The Atrocity Archive and The Jennifer Morgue the Laundry is a secret British government agency charged with preventing Money in the House dark interdimensional entities fromestroying the human race Now in Overtime the Laundry is on a skeleto.

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Onightthis is the only christmas themed tor short i Fascism d not yet read so even though i ve never read a single laundry files book i took the risk i knew enough about the series to get the gist and it s notifficult to get your bearings even as a complete newbie and i really loved this story it s festive and funny and even though there are freuent Coding Theory and Cryptography digressions and mentions of series related things for which i have no frame of reference it ended up being intriguing than frustrating and io recommend this story or any of the christmas tor shorts to round out your cozy holiday readingand what the heck is going on with the free tor shorts not only are there no new christmas ones there hasn t been a new story posted since november 8th is this the end of the free tor short say it isn t so read it for yourself here 1DECEMBER 2DECEMBER 3DECEMBER 4DECEMBER 5DECEMBER 6DECEMBER 7DECEMBER 8DECEMBER 9DECEMBER 10DECEMBER 11DECEMBER 12DECEMBER 13DECEMBER 14DECEMBER 15DECEMBER 16DECEMBER 17DECEMBER 18DECEMBER 19DECEMBER 20DECEMBER 21DECEMBER 22DECEMBER 24DECEMBER 25DECEMBER 26DECEMBER 27DECEMBER 28DECEMBER 29DECEMBER 30DECEMBER 31 35A humorous Christmas horror story Or it could be scary funny too Howard is stuck at work as Night Duty Officer All bureaucracies obey certain iron laws and one of the oldest is this get your seasonal leave booked early lest you be trampled in the
rush he broke 
He broke rule and failed to book his leave in time Not surprising considering the way the last book ended The story goes back and forth between the night of his shift and the party that took place earlier They even had a guest speakerThe moment I saw One of the perks of being Night Duty Officer is that I can poke my nose anywhere I like I knew the weirdness is not far away A pretty good addition to the series Good short paranormal holiday story about Bob working overnight in the office on Christmas Eve Of course he oesn t have a uiet night This Is An Entertaining is an entertaining story and free ownload in Charles Stross s Laundry series A civil servant in a secret British organization edicated to keeping eldritch horrors at bay is the only one who can prevent the Bringer of Gifts from ending the world on Christmas Eve It reminded me a lot of the Buffy episode The Zeppo Stross is in love with cleverness so there are lots of geeky in jokes but I got them and found them amusing I may go read his Laundry novels now. Stross is the Hugo winning author of some of the most acclaimed novels and stories of the last ten years including Singularity Sky Accelerando Halting State the Merchant Princes series beginning with The Family Trade and the story collections Toast and Wireles. Er characters were and what Laundry was really Re read 32818The weather outside the universe frightful but the fire of the furnace outside the universe is frightful but the fire of the furnace so elightful and since we ve got no place to go in time let it snow stack overflow let it snow stack overflow let it snow stack overflow Original ReviewMy favorite KIND OF CHRISTMAS STORY GIBBERING NAMELESS HORRORS LEAVING GIFTS of christmas story gibbering nameless horrors leaving gifts stockings lol All of Bob s sacrifices mean nothing at least not when it comes to booking the annual Christmas leaveHe should have foreseen the troubles from book 3 according to human resources and still planned aheadSo now he sadly can t meet his mother in law Mo instead goes alone but has to work Until Andy shows up and makes him come with himAh yes horrible office Christmas parties With a twist naturallyThis is a very special view on Christmas by a man with a hilariously and wonderfully ry sense of humourHo ho ho 45 StarsAwesome science fiction thriller horror mystery I loved the start of this series it is tailor made to my likes This is my first Stross novel even though he has been on my to read list for a very long timeGreat charactersGreat worldGreat science fictionLovecraftGadgetsAnd I really liked itThis is a cool novella WELCOME TO DECEMBER PROJECTlast year i carved out my own short story advent calendar as my project for ecember and it was so much fun i Compelled to Crime decided too it again this year so each Compelled to Crime dayuring the month of Public Relations For Management Success december i will be reading a short story andoing the barest minimum of a review because ain t no one got time for that and i m already so far behind in all the things however i will be posting story links in case anyone wants to read the stories themselves and show off how maybe someone could have time for that here is a link to the first story in last year s project in turn links to the whole monthlong project in case you wanna The Survivors (Memory Boy, do some free short story reading of your own links to the stories in this year s advent ure will be at the end of each review enjoy and the happiest ofecembers to you allDECEMBER 23It s Christmas Eve and the stars are RightParents the world over still teach their children that if they re good Santa will bring them presentsThere are things out there in the void hungry things hidden in the gaps between universes that come when they re called Tonight hundreds of millions of innocent children are calling SantaWho s really coming own your chimney N staff for Christmas leaving one bureaucrat to be all that stands between the world and annihilation by the Thing That Comes Down Chimneys Written especially for Torcom's holiday season Charles Stross's novelette is a finalist for the 2010 Hugo Award Charles. .