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What an incredible book that really captures the sense of both disconnection and connection Simon s voice captured me immediately and there was something about the flatness the lack of affect that heightened the emotions His observations and relationships made the story resonate with me when I first read it 3 years ago and still makes me shiver I marked this as two stars which they translate to it was ok because i had a hard time getting through it this is one of those smart seeming books where you re supposed to think and stuff i was at my library and i saw multiple copies of this book all over the new book section with so many copies it must be great so I stuffed it in my bag without really looking and brought it home Later When I Started Reading It I when i started reading it i out it s the story of a guy in NYC who is an escort he s dealing with opening up his emotions both to love and friends and a serious bout of gay bashing going on at the time The main character and his roommate had such sad lives Not because he was an escort that s whatever but ust in general i dunno smart people might get out of this than i did 35 stars This book had elements of excellence It tells the first person story of Simon a twenty something young man who hustles and files medical records And at first both The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford jobs give him something besides money At one point he reveals that he started hustling by accident while still living at home and since sex was the way he defined himself it seemed logical And yet he puts very few boundaries on the sex He lists all the things he s willing to do and the list begins very vanilla with blowob active blow ob passive But somewhere in there you see pain bad pain very bad painblindfold gag chains whipping but not because he likes those things only because he gives his clients whatever they because he gives his clients whatever they willing to pay for And as you watch him move through his days you see that and he goes somewhere else during sex It s a ob and one he doesn t like much any although he doesn t let himself think about that The book follows him through traumas and changes and into a relationship he isn t paid for and you come to care about him The problem I had was that everyone in. In his evocative and mesmerizing debut novel Lee Houck depicts a contemporary Manhattan thrumming with sex and violence as seen through the eyes of Simon a twenty something part time hustler with a cadre of loyal sometimes floundering friends As Simon grows increasingly involved with a gorgeous guileless client named Aiden he tries to navigate a path to fulfil.

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Yield Author Lee HouckAde and a file clerk at the local hospital rather interesting observationsit deals with the every day lives of persons living in the gay community one person who is a top model modelling Calvin Klein s underwear who gets beaten up and loses this How to Enjoy a Scandal (The Ellinghams, job due to facial injuries the other being the guy with the twoobs although they both at time perform at 3somesI skimmed the last few pages as I sort of lost interest in their goings on Yield really took me by surprise When I read the acket copy and found out that the novel revolved around a young hustler in Manhattan I inwardly groaned It felt slightly cliched and oh so Manhattan I inwardly groaned It felt slightly cliched and oh so s gay fiction but I gave it a try I uickly noticed th If you d like to know what I thought of this book please contact me directly and I d be happy to discuss it with youAll the best TB This book is not a typical romance and if someone is looking for that I m not sure that yield Will Make You Happy make you happy being said it is one of the most incredible stories I ve read in a long time The author s understanding and insight into the main character made it a complete shock to me when in his notes he said a different character reminded him of himself Yield has the feel of an autobiography It doesn t feel as if it should be true but as if it is true Each character is so real and multidimensional it is hard to believe they are fictionI m at a loss to explain how this book touched me It got inside me while I was reading it and stayed when I was done The only thing that disappointed me about this book was the end not because it ended badly but because I wasn t done reading I wanted I still do Lee Houck did an excellent ob writing Yield I m not sure what I expected going in but he far exceeded anything I thought I d find Highly recommended Simon lives in Manhattan and works as a file clerk at the hospital This is his part time day ob but he also works as a gay hustler Rejected by his own Midwestern family he has moved to New York City where he has formed a family of choice which consists of three close friends all gay This eclectic band of comrades supports one another but they are disturbed and nearly paralyzed with fear when one of their mem. Abonte“Witty and wrenching Yield is reuired reading for anyone who wants to know what it means to be young gay and without a roadmap in today's world” Vestal McIntyre author of Lake Overturn“Yield is a bold and shocking story concerned with humanism it’s a dazzling and sometimes dangerous foray into post ueer realism” Charlie Vázuez author and blogg. This book has major emotional and mental health issues There is not one healthy sane person in here The boyfriend comes closest or perhaps his dog who at least seems to have a FAIRLY HAPPY LIFE I GOT TIRED happy life I got tired all the drama and angst and random conversation that maybe had deeper hidden meanings I didn t care to delve for Perhaps I ve been spoiled by too much genre fiction where everything is PRETTY MUCH IN THE OPEN BUT much in the open But found this vaguely unsatisfying An interesting look into the life of a hustler Simon is a filing clerk at a New York hospital who supplements his income hustling He s got uite a list of regulars some very odd ducks among them but he really wants the hot laundry guy from across the street His group of close friends have their own uniue uirks When attacks on the Gay community hit a little too close to home he starts to rethink his second profession but not before laundry guy is among his clientele Simon s habit is to block out his mind while hustling but laundry guy proves to be different maybe ust maybe it s time for Simon to yield to the pleasures of this man and find a little in life I enjoyed seeing into Simon s life and understanding how he manages to isolate his emotions from his profession It s not clear where he stands with his relationship with laundry guy but I m hopeful that they were able to find happiness and a life together A really well written book All the pages are worthy and I can tell the author really worked this book to perfectionSimon is a man living in NYC as a part time medical records filer with most of his energy spent being a sure I will do that slightly kinky call boy Note sex is a plot aspect to this book not the main focus read don t come looking for some hot go go hooker boy actionThe story unfolds uestions arise some are answered the right ones and some are leftto you to think aboutIf there was ever a seuel to this book it would ruin it This is the kind of story that leaves you wondering but to answer the uestion would TOTALLY RUIN IT like did Truvy s second hair salon sink or swim So if you can t handle it I would not suggest you pick this one up Interesting perspective from a hustler in the sex tr. Lment in a city where love and honesty are as dangerous as they are rare Witty spare and rapier sharp this is an exceptional story of the friendships that sustain us the families we create and the pain and Playing All the Odds joy that are always within reach waiting for us to yield“Brisk and buoyant this engaging debut captures big city hustle with small town heart” Richard

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