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Lly killed my mood At that point I already knew how it would unfold with throbbing wetness I want you but I can t and so nSorry ladies but romance is not uite my thing 35 StarsI d been postponing reading this series for a long time and I m so glad I finally caved because it was right up my alley The thing is I love murder mysteries and crime solving books with a touch TABOO - The 3 Book Collection of romance but the futuristic aspect Sorry not my jam I don t like anything futuristicsci fifantasy related I never connect to such stories I don t know why Maybe I m unimaginative and dull Maybe they scare meIt s stupid I know but look at it this way How muchlder am I than Roarke Let s see If the story is set in 2058 and he was born in 2023 then I m RightThe good news is I didn t need to worry It wasn t so bad The futuristic aspect I mean There were a few mentions Dads Boys, Vol. 1 of badass vehicles and gadgets strange laws sin tax seriously and funny global issues but that was pretty much itThe bad news is I had a problem with somef the events For instance there are mentions Devoured of some major global events that happened in 2016 the book was written in 1995 whichbviously did not happen Because Economics of that the story seemed a bit implausibleHonestly I m worried about mankind andur children s children The future world sounds so artificial cold and impersonal The The History of Christian Doctrine only good thing are gadgets and tools like domestic droids that clean your house for you Now that You ve heardf Roarke right Yes his reputation is well deserved He s really that hot And Eve I loved her She s a badass chick Strong smart independent Now I need to read 45 books to catch up Wound Care on this series I just hope I won t binge read the whole series for halff 2018 and then fall into a reading slump Yourowquains of epic proportionsUICK REVIEWEnjoyment 355Writing style 45Storyline 45 Hero 35Heroine 55Secondary characters 45 Hotnesssteam 35 Romance 35 Angst 25Darkness level 25Humor 15Depthf the book 35POV multiple mostly heroine s third personTriggers view spoilerseries Beretta Pistols of murdersn page child abuse and rape Grateful Dead 1977 off page hide spoiler Re readlistened to the audiobook version Jan 19 Nora RobertsJD Robb is such a prolific author and the In Death series is exceptional and incomparable andne Patriots and Tyrants (Grandchildren of Liberty of my all time favorites After reading all 47 books and eagerly awaiting the 48th book Connections in Death I decided to revisit the beginning It s still a great crimemysterysuspense read and Eve and Roarke will forever remainne Trying Not to Love You of the absolute best romantic pairings there is Original readreview 5 stars CrimeMysteryRomantic SuspenseFuturisticThrillerYes I ve finally read the first book in JD Robb s aka Nora Roberts vastly popular In Death series and now I understand why there s 30 books and counting cause it s an awesome romantic suspensefuturistic mystery thriller and very addictive In fact it s a good thing that I brought the first three books with men my trip since I wanted to immediately jump into the second book after finishing this I loved it And all the flattering Roarke talk is totally justified because he s such a mysteriously delicious sexy alpha hero I wasn t convinced that a series could stay interesting and fresh enough with the same characters for 30 books but I don t think there could ever be enough Engaged with the Boss (Situation: Christmas, of Roarkehe s that yummyI m not sure if I need to recommend this since it seems that just about everyone else has already read it but if you like romantic suspense andor mystery thrillers and haven t yet read Naked in Death then I highly suggest it But be prepared to get hookedn the series Big 5 stars This is the first JD RobbNora Roberts book I have read I have read glowing reviews about the series but I was a bit hesitant to start a commitment to it Then I have come upon a verse from Forever Across The Marsh onef the books Oh but it is you darling Eve Just as that taste is you the smell the look the sound You ve undone me Glory in DeathI think it was devastatingly beautiful The Ramadan and Id Al-Fitr objectf Eve s undoing piued my interest so I went From the Eyes of a Child (There Were No Parents Here, 1) on and borrowed the first 2 booksNaked in Death is about a tough and emotionally closedff "cop called Eve Dallas and an enigmatic billionaire called Roarke just like Madonna In the year 2053 Eve seeks a "called Eve Dallas and an enigmatic billionaire called Roarke just like Madonna In the year 2053 Eve seeks a who kills prostitutes with vintage hand guns The Practical Strategies for Academic Library Managers only lead is the last person to see the first victim alive the aforementioned Roarke who alsowns the building she lived in and who also has a collection f antiue guns "Whom Eve Shared An Instant "Eve shared an instant unexplainable attraction with the moment they met Roarke who crumpled my expectations into a ball and hurled it at my face Now you ll have a sense f where I m going with thisI really wanted to like him since his dialogue is the reason I ve picked up the series in the first place Unfortunately all this book did was make me hate him with a burning passion He s Fair Trade? Its Prospects as a Poverty Solution over privileged controlling and manipulative He constantly undermines Eve s decisions under the guisef wanting what s best for her He breaks into her apartment and invades her personal space just because he can He throws a giant hissy fit when Eve brings him in for uestioning because he s pissed that she doesn t trust him even though they ve known each ther for less than a month and have nly interacted a handful The Longest Line of times But we re supposed to bek with all Smoke and Mirrors of his actions because he s rich and sexy and will do anything for Eve It s flattering to imagine an Adonis who can take away all your troubles being so enad with you However this doesn t justify his actionsr make him a particularly interesting character in his Kitsune Matsuri, The Open Gateway own right If Eve wasn t attracted to him she would have slapped him with a restrainingrder for being a creepConseuently I found Roarke so difficult and so 100 Reasons to Panic About Getting Married overpowering I didn t really get muchf a sense The Artful Avocado of Eve as a character I appreciate that this is a series so it takes a bit time with character development but I just couldn t get a handlen her I understood that she was sort Athletic Shorts of intorder and justice pretty much Living With M.E. on principle and that she was totally hot for Roarke but I didn t get much sensef her beyond that Even f a problem for me was that I also didn t get much f a sense I Wrote This For You and Only You of her being good at her job I m just about willing to give her a passn having sex with the guy who is basically her nly suspect although I think it s grossly unprofessional but what I m less able to reconcile is the fact that she basically doesn t actually solve the murders at all view spoilerShe finally works ut who the killer is The Boy Who Knew Everything only when somebody literally calls her up and tells her An event which could perfectly well have happened at any time hide spoiler 4th read 11th January20203rd read 29th June20192nd read 31th December20181st read 4th May2015Even the re reads are so great I just love Eve Roarke sooooo much He took her hand lifted it to his lips Nothing could have pleased him than the uick suspicionn her face You won t forget me Eve You ll think Ellery Queens Mystery Magazine, May 1958 (Vol. 31, No. 7) of me perhaps not fondly but you ll thinkf meI m in the middle The Tanith Gambit (Space Viking Legacy, of a murder investigation You re partf it Sure I ll think The World of Lazarus of youDarling he began and watched with amusement as his usef the endearment knitted her brow You ll be thinking Death is Now My Neighbor (Inspector Morse, of what I can do to you 1st read 4th May2015Myriginal review ROARKE OMG I m melting in here Ladies don t you ever forget this name He s hot he s smart he s funny but the most. No ha podido salvar por haber llegado demasiado tarde y se niega a abrirse a los psiuiatras de la ficina Su último caso en el ue un padre ha descuartizado a su hija en pedazos sigue atormentándola .

4 StarsThis was solidFast pacedSexyFunAnd ldSeriously though there are what Introduccion a la Etica Cristiana only 40 thousand books in the series after thisne LolRegardless I see why I have not a damn thing to add to the multitude Death Goddess Dance (The Mythos War, of reviewsn this and I look forward to the next Ruth one I am a DEVOTED fanf this series and completely not Ludell objective about it in any way Take this as a five star reviewf the entire series And yup I ve read all 50 entries if that sounds like a lot dive in and you ll soon find yourself reaching the end and desperate for another entry in the series Reviewed by Rabid Reads35 starsFor those f you who don t already know JD Robb is an alternate pen name for Nora Roberts I nly read my first Nora Roberts book about a year ago and was to put it mildly pleasantly surprised I d always assumed that Roberts wrote cornball Walmart paperback romances for your grandmother and when I saw a new book with Witch in the title I figured she had jumped The Longest Raid of the Civil War on the paranormal train but was curious enough to check itutIt was kind A Night in the Snow; or A Struggle for Life of amazingAnd with about 30 secondsf research I discovered that rather than jumping The Diary of Annas Submission on the paranormal train it was likely that Roberts could be held responsible for making books with paranormal elements marketable in the first place assumptions make you look stoopid FYII really liked this book BUT The too forceful borderline abusive love interest whose aggression is attributed to his sheer maleness that I was expecting in my first Roberts book bc 70s 90s bodice rippers you stole from your grandma s stash when you were a teenager Well he was hidingut here all alongRoarke Nolastname rolls eyes is a smoking hot Irish self made bazillionaire Say that three times fast Go ahead Do it He s also a textbook example The Huffin Puff Express of a male with abusive tendencies I know this for FACT bc I volunteered at a battered women s shelter while I was in college and before a place like that will turn you loose in the facility they educate you Basedn that education Roarke is Silk And Steel one giant Red Flag he has zero respect for personal space he makes unilateral decisions about things any rational person understands are not decisions to be made unilaterally he has fitsf temper that involve grabbing shoving and shaking Red flags Red flags everywhere And maybe that s the difference between a book written a couple The Food Stamp Gourmet of years ago and a book written a couple decades ago Bc NAKED IN DEATH was written nearly twenty years ago BUT it takes place in thenly slightly distant future 2058 I think So there s this sometimes interestingsometimes uncomfortable combination f modernfuture ideals and innovations coupled with surprisingly ld fashioned tropesLike how Learning Our Way our heroine Eve Dallas is as hard core and strong a female character as I d expect to find in any recently published SFFr UF novel who lives in a world with legalized prostitution gov t regulated and taxed naturally but who also falls prey to Red Flag bc hot DAMNNo seriously Hot DAMNI fell prey too Like completely And part Mondomanila of the reason for that is bc Roberts does such a good jobf developing Eve and Roarke that you understand why he s a Red Flag but know that he d never actually cross that line even though your brain and statistics tell you So Long at the Fair otherwise They re both damaged victimsf horrific childhoods who were made stronger in the crucible rather than broken They understand each The Transformers other better than anyone else ever could For real You can see it feel itEve is thene woman who can change Roarke s playboy emotional detachment and the fact that she has no intention The Unquiet Dead (Rachel Getty Esa Khattak, of doing sonly makes it plausibleAnd that kind The Case of the Savage Statue (The Three Investigators: Find Your Fate Mysteries, of masterful manipulation is what makes thether stuff easier to swallowBc there is lots Only One Year ofther stuff LOTS All f the secondaries are flat stock characters Instalust which is believable crosses the line into instalove which is not Eve s a cop is a reformed criminal mastermind I could put together
a very strong 
very strong Roarke is the main inspiration for Christian Grey I considered writing a nontraditional review n that vein but didn t have the patience to follow through And there s CORN Cheesy 90s I m too sexy for my shirt corn I thought this vintage would suit you What it lacks in subtlety He turned back Celtic Mysteries in New England offering her a glass It makes up for in sensuality Ugh Also if you are particularly sensitive to sexual violation especially the sexual violationf children NAKED IN DEATH is not for you I say particularly bc pretty much everyone finds the notion upsetting but as far as this kind Unabomber of thing goes it s not too bad There isnly Flipping Cars - How To Make Money Buying And Selling Cars for Profit one scene that I would label as graphic and it takes place in the contextf an adult remembering past abuse so if you aren t particularly sensitive it s not any unpleasant than any You Look Like Something Blooming other mysterythriller with psychosr whack jobs doing psychowhack job things There are Historical Thinking other things as well but you get the idea Not that it matters bc I LOVED it If I was making a purely emotional decision about this book I would be giving it at least four stars Instead I m forcing myself to be rational bc the handfulf times I ve gone with my gut it s come back to haunt me It s worth mentioning that I m nearly finished with 6 after starting the series four and half days ago and that speaks for itself but I can also say that while IN DEATH remains a series with flaws there are marked improvements especially in the area Turning Point of secondary characters SO Definitely worth a shot in my humblepinion If you re intimidated by sci fi this is just sci fi enough to have interesting gadgets and speculative changes in federal laws like the aforementioned legalized prostitution ALSO if you re into audiobooks definitely definitely worth a try especially if you can pick them up from your library and I d imagine most would have them considering how popular and long running this series is I m notoriously anti audiobook bc ADD but I started listening to NAKED IN DEATH while roadtripping and it easily held my attention bc just that good and I was enjoying it up until too swift Inside Gods Arms Season 1 (Yaoi Manga) of a turn into RomancelandiaThe popularityf Naked in Death is completely understandable to me The attraction here is the same as in the most Turning point of urban fantasy IMO Mystery solving some world building in this case futuristic insteadf paranormal it all is "only background noise What you are actually anticipating is the heroine s hookup with some handsome hunk That s what "background noise What you are actually anticipating is the heroine s hookup with some handsome hunk That s what read urban fantasy for anyway And the hunk here is something special 1 he is drowning in money 2 super hot 3 has morals 4 buys the heroine stuff 5 feeds her 6 he adores everything about the heroine from the get go 7 8 9 and 10 HE SPEAKS WITH AN IRISH ACCENT What s not to like rightUnfortunately Roarke never managed to work his magic الكتاب الممنوع on me I thought he was controlling patronizing stalkerish even always forcing Eveut Extreme Devotion of her comfort zone and himselfn her in that signature way I am going to make you have the most intense Acid Sky orgasm you ve ever had no matter if you want itr not because I know what you need better than you Plus as I ve noted above the switch from mystery to romance was too early in the book uarter in second meeting and already her small firm breast weighed gloriously in his palm and he wanted to forget the patience and control he d taught himself to live by and just ravage This bodice ripperish language tota. Eve Dallas es una teniente de la policía de Nueva York muy buena en su trabajo algunas veces incluso demasiado buena Jamás le ha contado a nadie sus pesadillas acerca de todas las víctimas a las ue. Important thing is he s so freaking HOT I Loved him a lot D You have to meet with him ASAP DAnd Eve Dallas Damn what a strong lady I loved her too I will definitely continue to read their storyWhenever I read Roarke s words This is exactly me D My favorites uotes And yesssI have a lot Los viajes de Tuf of them I can t tell you how aroused it makes me when you uote codes lieutenant I don t like the ideaf you shivering unless I cause it Stay warm I like your style Lieutenant Dallas he said when they d fought their way to the car I like it a lot And by the way I don t think I m in love with you any I know I am Roarke I want to see you again He stopped took her face in his hands I need to see you againHer pulse jumped as if it had nothing to do with the rest The Ghost of Buxton Manor of her Roarke what s goingn hereLieutenant He leaned forward touched his lips to hers indications are we re having a romance You Roarke Eyes watering she reached for tissue Jesus Eve Jesus Christ you never sleep with anybody And you re telling me you slept with Roarke That s not precisely accurate We didn t sleep You sleep here I don t intend to sleep tonight He interrupted her gawking by pulling her up the two stairs to the platform and tumbling her The Killing Connection (Dirty Harry, onto the bed I have to check in byh seven hundred Shut up lieutenant Okay With a half laugh she rolled Willow (De Beers, on topf him and fastened her mouth to his Wild reckless energy was bursting inside her She couldn t move uickly enough her hands weren t fast enough to satisfy the craving Roarke you ve got to know I ve got some bad stuff inside It s like a virus that sneaks around the system pops Qabala Trilogy out when your resistance is low I m not a good bet Eve DallasI like longdds He lifted her hand kissed it Why don t we see it through Find Two for the Show (Playing for First out if we can both win Roarke I m not afraidf you RoarkeAren t you He moved closer curling his hands Where Does the Brown Bear Go? on the lapelsf her shirt What do you think will happen if you step All That Drag (The FuBar, over the lineToo much she murmured Assaulting anfficer will earn you I Promise to Hate, Despise, and Abuse You until Death Do Us Part one to five Roarke That s in a cage not cushy home detentionYou re not wearing your badge Or anything else for that matter He gave her a friendly nipn the chin Be sure to put that in your report He took her hand lifted it to his lips Nothing could have pleased him than the uick suspicion House of Deadly Calm on her face You won t forget me Eve You ll thinkf me perhaps not fondly but you ll think Dragons of Summer Tide (The Dragons of Hwandor, of meI m in the middlef a murder investigation You re part The Complete Bread Machine Book of it Sure I ll thinkf youDarling he began and watched with amusement as his use train whistle of the endearment knitted her brow You ll be thinkingf what I can do to you What are you doingWashing your hair he murmured and proceeded to stroke and massage the shampoo into her short sopping cap Only in the World of Dragons of hair I m going to enjoy smelling my soapn you His lips curved You re a fascinating woman Eve Here we are wet naked both Debrief a Complete History of U.S. Aerial Engagements - 1981 to the Present of us half dead from a very memorable night and still you watch me with very cool very suspicious eyesYou re a suspicious character RoarkeI think that s a compliment Gold winked at his wrist as he pressed his choice for two coffeesn the AutoChef built into the side panel CreamBlackA woman after my Meet Me Halfway own heart Moments later hepened the protective door and Beloved offered her a china cup in a delicate saucer We havef a selection Coaltown Jesus on the plane he said then settled back with his coffeeI bet The steam rising from her cup smelled like heaven Eve took a tentative sip and nearly moanedIt was real No simulation made from vegetable concentrate so usual since the depletionf the rain forests in the late twentieth This was the real thing ground from rich Columbian beans singing with caffeineShe sipped again and could have weptProblem He enjoyed her reaction immensely the flutter Humortivacion of the lashes the faint flush the darkeningf the eyes a similar response he noted to a woman purring under a man s handsDo you know how long it s been since I had real coffeeHe smiled NoNeither do I Unashamed she closed her eyes as she lifted the cup again You ll have to excuse me this is a private moment We ll talk Stamford 76 on the plane I started this series with a bitf trepidation back in 2015 I knew that JD Robb also wrote as Nora Roberts and I had read another book by Ms Roberts and hated it so I was a bit wary about starting the In Death books But I had heard great things about Roarke Another reason that put me Numbers, Predictions, and War off reading this series is because he is Irish and being Irish if it is not done right it drives me nuts But she pulled itff He is perfection I am already up to book 19 but decided to head back to book 1 and do a uick recap Afterworlds of how they met and their initial reactions to eachther OMG I loved it he turned his head looked five pews back across the aisle and directly into Eve s eyes It was surprise that had her fighting not to jolt at that sudden and unexpected punch Men, Women, and Ghosts of power It was will that kept her from blinkingr shifting her gaze For Balmoral (Bad Reputation, one humming minute they stared at eachther You fascinate me Lieutenant Dallas We meet Mavis Feeney Whitney Summerset Yes I can see now how they started In Still Darkness (Immortal Guardians, offn the wrong foot Bit f a poker up his arse alright Eve But you take no shit from him Galahad she thought Her white knight I highly recommend this series MY ORIGINAL REVIEW DECEMBER 2105 Well they say practice makes perfect would love to know who THEY are "Read Nora Roberts Years Ago "Nora Roberts years ago thought it was the greatest load f shite I had ever read an Irish themed book I am Irish so a bit sensitive So totally avoided her forever Read some forums Sorceress of the Witch World (Witch World Series 1: Estcarp Cycle, on and GRs about Roarke and Eve and thought who are they In Death J D Robb aka Nora Roberts NO THANK YOU But then again I saw that a lotf my GR friends are fans The Indiscretions of Isabelle of JD so decided to bite the bullet and jumpn the bandwagon OKAAAAAY Naked in Death freaking loved it Was this the same woman who wrote about and Irish girl who trained a horse for the Kentucky Derby cannot even remember the storyline now cos it totally pissed me Topology off Irish people are not like Darby O Gill and the Little Peopler like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in Far and Away Blood Magic (Divided Realms or whatever it was OK we seeur kids progress through school and improve ver the years and definitely Ms Roberts did this Will I go back and read a Nora Roberts book after this Not sure maybe probably as I can see a definite improvement in her writing style so do not UNDERSTAND HOW MANY OF YOU GAVE IRISH HEARTS SUCH how many f you gave Irish Hearts such ratings us Irish coleens are not as dimwitted Everything is possible or innocent as she was Deliver us lord from every evil Now I am totally depressed cos I realise that if I have to read the whole IN DEATH series it is going to cost me a feckin fortune Goodnight 2320 here in Belgium so time for bed and if I had known it was set in the future I definitely would not have read it but it totally blends in and you do not notice it 4 Stars Also reviewed at Lady Jayne s Reading DenOkay here s the uick and dirty well sortf Naked In Death is the first book in the daunting almost "40 books and still growing in death series "books and still growing In Death series Nora Roberts writing as JD Robb I kept putting Dreamland Lake off reading it for that very reason Though after recent reviews by Goodreads friends who have joined the growing legionf Roarke Groupies I was most curious to read this book to find Success for Flesh out for myself what the fuss isver Roarke While I do not feel I have reached full Groupie status I think perhaps a badge Wes Cravens New Nightmare of. Ero antes de ue tengaportunidad de recoger pruebas la reclaman para tro asunto prioritario Una costosa prostituta de alto standing ha sido asesinada la han disparado tres veces con una vieja pistola.

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