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You get suspense love friendship and humor Sarah Booth Delaney came home to Mississippi and saves her family s plantation home Dahlia House But she had tricked Miss Tinke into thinking someone had kidnapped the beloved pup Chablis and held for ransom to arn her paycheck and convince Tinke she was a good PISarah Booth and socialite Tinke go into partnership to solve crimes While they do fairly well in doing so they do get themselves into a bit of trouble very time Never a dull moment when these two are together working a case In Bones to Pick we HAVE PLENTY OF SUSPECTS TO CHOOSE plenty of suspects to choose as the killer The victim s brother hired Sarah and Tinke to prove his sister s innocence and find the killerI had different suspects pegged as the killer but it was toward the nd pegged as the killer but it was toward the Canvas: The Program Book 1 end Sarah and Tinke started piecing the clues together before I realized who the killer was It s a light fluff of a murder mystery Southern Bell Mysteries are a fun andasy read I plan on reading all the Southern Belle Mysteries Gotta find out it Sarah and the Sherriff final. Wickedly witty and full of dirt than a debutante's diary the mysteries of Carolyn Haines bring the southern Delta to roaring rollicking life Intrepid PI Sarah Booth Delaney has been known to single handedly save her family's Mississippi plantation converse with Dahlia House's ghost and capture a killer or two But when a local girl is found dead in a cotton field it's nough to make a lady toss back a Bloody Mary before noon. Ly get to become an item or not Virgie Carrington has run Carrington House to ducate ladies to be prim or not Virgie Carrington has run Carrington House to ducate ladies to be prim ladies to be the perfect wives contributors to a stable society she is in her sixtys now anduentin and Allison are two of the young ladies who attended her school and they did n t uite fit the bill of Virgie s standards uentin Allison are planning to marry and uentin has published a book that spills the secrets of the higher class many of whom also attended Carrington House and uentin is murdered dragged through the field and drowned in a puddle of mud and Allison is accused of her murderSarah Tinkie are hired by Allison s brother a bit of a deviant who sends Sarah kinky gifts with invitations to play to prove Allison s innocence As they investigate they find half a dozen women who died under mysterious circumstances most considered accidents after receiving a note warning them to behaveTinkie Oscar are at odds as Oscar wants her to have a biopsy for her bre Sarah Booth Delaney is a southern Daddy s Girl in the river delta. On Sunday Someone held twenty three year old uentin McGee's face down in the rich Southern soil until she suffocated The lawmen think uentin's lover killed her When the suspect's brother hires Sarah to prove his sibling innocent Sarah uickly learns that the victim had plenty of wealthy powerful nemies Each had a bone to pick with uentin for writing a scandalous xposé on her hometown Adding spice to the gumbo is the news. ,

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Area of the south She and her best friend Tinkie are also detectives in their own agency When uentin the author of a tell all book is found murdered in the cotton field the agency is asked to investigate By The Brother Of The Chief Suspect the brother of the chief suspect went to school in an xclusive girls finishing school All of the girls now married "AND WITH FAMILIES HAVE NOT LOST THEIR CATTINESS FROM "with families have not lost their cattiness from All come back to town for the funeral giving plenty of suspects Jitty is back and xploring the vent and parties leading up to the French Revolution This is a great series if you like a little comedy on the side This is my first by this author and I really Two-Minute Mysteries enjoyed it It s hard to separate my feelings for the Mississippi of my childhood pleasures from the actual book so my rating may be a combination of nostalgia as well as the uality of the book I didnjoy the use of the spectral Jitty as a companion of the main character I thought it was well donenot too ghostly and all knowing but nough to add spice to the mystery I ll be reading of this autho. That uentin was due to inherit the family fortune the day after she was killedand that a second book was in the works From illicit lovers and outraged families to slandered Aristocrats Everyone Is A everyone is a and no one is safe Carolyn Haines has done for the Delta what Janet Evanovich has done for New Jersey The State Wickedly funny Devilishly clever Scintillatingly Southern Carolyn Haines is an author to die for Carolyn Ha. Bones To Pick