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DragonslayerDwarves orcs a dragon and lenty of great fights It s been a really long time since I have read a Gotrek and Felix novel This one largely didn t disappoint there is a variety of interesting action seuences including a fun air battle and some descriptions However Felix and his love interests bickering back and forth while THE WIZARD MAX IS VIEWED A RIVAL GOT wizard Max is viewed as a rival got In many ways also this book feels like a filler book in between a massive Chaos invasion they just sort of get distracted and hunt down a dragon Enjoyable and fun while still flawed One of my favorites Chaos Dragons Slayer Dwarfs Slayer built Zeppelins need I say Edit I have now read all Gotrek Felix books Here is my order of referenceRank Book Writer1 Skavenslayer 2 William King2 Daemonslayer 3 William King3 Shamanslayer 11 Nathan Long4 Manslayer 9 Nathan Long5 Beastslayer 5 William King5 Elfslayer 10 Nathan Long7 Orcslayer 8 NATHAN LONG8 SLAYER 14 DAVID GUYMER9 KINSLAYER 13 Nathan Long8 Slayer 14 David Guymer9 Kinslayer 13 Guymer10 Zombieslayer 12 Nathan Long11 Giantslayer 7 William King12 Dragonslayer 4 William King13 Vampireslayer 6 William King14 Trollslayer 1 William King This was excellent I am impressed by how King is able to make the interludes between battles just as interesting as the battles He truly brings the Warhammer Fantasy world to life As with other Gotrek and Felix novels the strength is the characters Gotrek Felix Malakai Snorri Bjorni Ulrika and many the characters are distinctive vivid and skillfully rendered There were several times when I sat down to read just one chapter and ended. Dragonslayer is the fourth epic instalment in the death seeking saga of Gotrek and Felix After the daring exploits in Daemonslayer the fearless. Up reading three or four because I was enthralled and driven forward by the The Kebra Nagast plot If I had any criticismuibble it would be the almost token incorporation of Thanuol and Lurch the Skaven enemies from therevious novels I understand why they are included which is to set up an overarching narrative to braid together the entire Gotrek and Felix saga Oh and the final fight with the dragon was so full of drama 12 while the sword sorcery elements have mostly gone away this is still a ripping fantasy yarn with great characters and an interesting twist on the title A guilty leasure Indeed If You Re Even Reading This Review I M If you re even reading this review I m you have at least a fleeting idea of the Warhammer setting Here we have the continuing saga of Gotrek the Slayer Gotrek is a dwarf who has to atone for some vile deed he has committed somewhere in the distant ast Atonement in this case can only be affected by dying a A Dark, Dark Cave particularly heroic death Accompanied by theoet and dangerous swordsman in his own right Herr Felix Jaeger who has to record the death for the history books Gotrek sets off seeking out the greatest foes the Warhammer Universe Has On Offer has on offer for all concerned Gotrek seems to be than able to look after himself As a dwarven slayer he has to go down fighting He is not allowed to just stand there and be killed as this is of course not heroic He inevitably ends up killing the creature who was supposed to be his doom and atonement on every occasion so farWhy only three stars Well even though I enjoyed this book the A Game of Dress-Up premise can become repetiti. Duo find themselvesursued by the insidious and ruthless skaven lord Grey Seer Thanuol Drogonslayer sees the fearless Trollslayer and his swo.

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Ve In all truth this Often Feels Like A Number feels like a number skirmishes connected by a thin thread of lot Not unlike The Importance of Being a Bachelor playing connect the dots This is not a harsh critiue of the novel since this is Warhammer after all So we have war than enough and weapons both blunt and sharp alenty As I write this I m actually halfway through book 5 which I m enjoying even A uick summary then The novel titles are kind of self explanatory So in this one our heroes set off to kill the dragon of the title Well to "be honest we already know how it ends so it s the getting "honest we already know how it ends so it s the getting that matters The characters are fun as heck There s a bit of an ensemble cast in this one with a number of dwarven slayers joining up It seems being killed by a dragon is indeed a mighty enough doom and should be actively sought out Suffice to say a number of folk do indeed atone this time round The writing is kept simple yet fast The Joy Of English paced and fits the story well It s a grim world out there after all Oh there s also some back story that sets up the next book nicelyI believe this is Warhammer s longest running series Read it and find out why Literary snobs and the anal retentive need not apply I forgot I read this oneI liked it but I still consider Demonslayer to be the best of the series or at least one of the best It was a good book but Daemonslayer was sooooo much better I really loved the city of Karak Kadrin and man Bjorni was just so funnyStarting Beastslayer right now I m loving this saga and it improves book after book I m biased I m biased It s not funny my biased love for this series. Rn companion back aboard the arcane dwarf airship in search of a golden hoard and its deadly guardian New edition with stunning redesigned cove.

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